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Thanks to Saharial for pointing out that has a few bargains right now. Here’s a selection of some of the Korean films on offer, starting with the cheapest:






There’s plenty more at slightly higher prices: search on DVD Language = Korean for the complete list.

3 thoughts on “Boost your DVD collection

  1. I love Arahan – the customer review on mentions the restaurant fight: that is good, but even better is the end of that scene when the heroine first intervenes in the fight (*very* decisively) and then rebukes the hero for misusing his powers. That’s saying something important, in a very effective way. I’ve recommended Arahan to several people. One, a martial arts film fan, thought it was OK, but nothing special. Another – a Finnish woman – I think saw it in a similar way to me and did like it. One thing I love about the film is the way it takes martial arts seriously but not too seriously, and the comedy repeatedly undermines stereotypes and reverses expectations: it’s much more than “just” a martial arts film.

    Memories of Murder is simply a very good film. (With the possible exception, if I’m remembering it correctly, that I’m not sure that the scene in the rain on the railway track works.)

    “There’s plenty more at slightly higher prices: search on DVD Language = Korean for the complete list.”

    How do you do that? I couldn’t see any “button” or “drop down box”, and putting Korean in the “search” box only found 9 DVDs, none of which was, for example, Arahan or memories of Murder.

  2. Colin: the drop down search box at’s home page shows, by default, “all products”. If click on the drop-down arrow you get all sorts of search options, including DVD Language

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