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Park Chan-wook’s Thirst gets UK theatrical release

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There were two hotly anticipated films from Korea this year. Bong Joon-ho’s Mother, and Park Chan-wook’s Thirst. Thirst showed at Cannes, where it won the Jury prize. We shall be seeing Mother at the BFI London Film Festival at the end of October. But Metrodome have been quick on their feet, and with their cheque book, and will be scooping the Festival by giving Thirst a UK theatrical release on 16 October.

Thirst follows the life of Sang-hyun, a priest who cherishes life so much that he selflessly volunteers for a secret vaccine development project meant to eradicate a deadly virus. But the virus takes hold of the priest and a blood transfusion is urgently ordered for him. The blood he receives is infected, so Sang-hyun lives – but now exists as a vampire. Struggling with his newfound carnal desire for blood, Sang-hyun’s faith is further strained when a childhood friend’s wife comes to him asking for his help in escaping her life. Sang-hyun soon plunges into a world of sensual pleasures, finding himself on intimate terms with the Seven Deadly Sins.

Stay tuned for details of a competition linked to the release.


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4 thoughts on “Park Chan-wook’s Thirst gets UK theatrical release

  1. i am staying tuned and very very keen to see this.
    not sure if i am working in london when its out, but maybe we could have an LKL meet-up. meal and view???

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