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Thanks to VANK, KTO and Samsung: LKL’s blogging prize arrives

LKL yesterday received its prize in the Blog Korea Visit Korea competition, generously sponsored by Samsung and organised by VANK and the Korean Tourism Organisation. There were 100 winners – 5 first prize winners including New York based Maangchi (awarded an LG X12 Netbook), 15 second prize winners including LKL, and 80 third prize winners including Sweden-based Indieful ROK (awarded an mp3 player). Anna from Indieful ROK is lucky enough to be in Korea right now meeting in person all the cool bands that hitherto she’s only been able to meet by email, and thus is able to join one of the all-expenses paid tours which have been another nice reward provided by the organisers.

Samsung VLUU

In case any reader was wondering why LKL has a Korea, Sparkling widget in the sidebar, that’s one of the terms of the competition – though not seemingly rigidly enforced. One day I’ll be able to take it down. Meanwhile, I’m hoping that the new Samsung VLUU NV100HD will improve the quality of all the low-light flashless photos I tend to take during the course of my events coverage. A phone sized camera with decent light sensitivity is the blogger’s holy grail.

2 thoughts on “Thanks to VANK, KTO and Samsung: LKL’s blogging prize arrives

  1. Don’t know if Samsung owned or not, but that mp3 player was a really cute iRiver Mplayer eyes! Doesn’t work quite the way I had expected it to though, or I just haven’t figured out how to use it properly… The trip has been fantastic so far btw – dinner yesterday at that restaurant from the Gourmet drama is probably the best meal I’ve ever head. Seems like the visit to that pond from Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring has been removed from the schedule though.

    I hope to be able to take that widget down soon too. Not that I mind the actual contents so much, but it seems to just keeps transferring data no matter how long the actual site contents have been loaded.

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