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An unforgettable Tea Tour

I really wish I didn’t have a day job. This trip, in May 2010, has got to be one of the most appealing prospects for a holiday that I can think of, particularly if you tack on a few days in Seoul first to take in Korean’s intangible cultural asset #1, the ancestral rites at the Jongmyo Shrine. Fabulous. Do give your serious consideration to this invitation from Arthur K. J. Park of Morning Earth.

Tea slopes 2

This is an invitation to join us for Korean tea with An Sonjae (Br. Anthony) and Hong Kyeong-hee, authors of The Korean Way of Tea – in Korea at Hwaeom-sa, an ancient temple where some say tea was first planted in Korea more than 1000 years ago. Join us also at the Mungyeong Teabowl Festival, acclaimed as the best tea bowl festival in the world, where you will meet ceramic tea artists from around the world, highly accomplished local tea ware artists and the Korean Human Cultural Treasures Kim Jong-ok and Chan Han-bong. Join us high in the mountains near Gyeongju, the ancient capitol of Korea, where you will meet Park Jong-il a tea ware artist who has built his home and tea room by hand from raw clay and trees hewn in the mountains. Join us as we travel through the history of Korean tea and tea ware.

At Hwaeom-sa you will both pick and process your own tea from ancient wild plants – true organic tea, and you will stay for two nights at this ancient tea temple – an opportunity to experience the depth of Korean Buddhism and Korean tea.

LeavesThere is much to see and do on this great tea journey.

We hope that you will be able to join us for Korean tea.

Please go to to learn more. Please also tell your friends about this extraordinary opportunity.

Join us for Korean tea. Join us for an amazing adventure.

Arthur K. J. Park
Morning Earth


One thought on “An unforgettable Tea Tour

  1. Thanks for your endorsement of our Korean tea tour at Because we were so late in promoting the 2010 tea tour, we decided to begin registration for the 2011 Korean Tea Tour NOW. This early registration doesn’t imply any commitment to take the tour but it will help us keep you up to date as we develop the itinerary and give us an idea about interest.
    I won’t be making any changes on our tea tour web site until we return from Korea in late May.
    For those of you who are really interested in Korean tea and Korean tea ware, you might be interested in a couple of blogs dedicated mostly to those topics. The first is at While he doesn’t strictly review Korean teas, his blog has more on Korean teas than any other I can find. The second is It is dealing mostly with Korean tea ware and tea ware artists. Another blog, on chawan, is Please keep in touch and we hope that you consider registering for our Korean Tea Tour 2011.

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