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Untold Scandal screens at the KCC

Notice of the next screening at the Cultural Centre, on Thursday 26 November:


Title: Untold Scandal (2003)
Time and Date: 7 pm, 26 November 2009
Venue: Multi-purpose Hall, KCC
Director: E J-Yong
Runtime: 120 mins

Based on the novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Untold Scandal is set in aristocratic 18th century Korea at the end of the Chosun Dynasty. The irresistible temptress Lady Cho (Lee Mi-Suk) asks her cad of a younger cousin, Jo-won (Bae Yong-Jun), to deflower the innocent young Soh-ok (Lee So-Yeon), who is to become her husband’s concubine. But his attentions soon shift elsewhere: to the graceful and aloof Lady Sook (Jeon Do-Yeon) who lives according to her convictions as a Catholic. Jo-won becomes obsessed with seducing this chaste woman who has remained celibate for nine years since her husband’s death. However, it proves to be more difficult than he expected when Chosun’s notorious playboy sets out to conquer the most virtuous woman in the land.

Director’s Comment:
“One day, when I was listening to some Baroque music, I wondered what kind of dissonance would occur if that kind of music appeared in the background of a Korean historical drama. In most period dramas, you would hear traditional stringed instruments like the kayagum, or see broad humor in the style of folk characters like Bang-ja, stories about power factions in the palace or a wronged woman’s lamentations, that kind of thing. I wanted to break out of the cliches and create a historical drama that was more stylish and sophisticated, visually and narratively, than movies set in contemporary times-like classic foreign films. ‘Untold Scandal’ is basically a love story, but it will be a unique amalgam of elegant eroticism and a new perspective on Chosun culture.”

Jo-won – Bae Yong-jun
Lady Cho – Lee Mi-sook
Lady Sook – Jeon Do-yeon
Kwon In-ho – Cho Hyeon-jae
LEE Soh-ok – LEE Soh-yeon

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