LKL competition – album of the year 2009

RecordI don’t know how you discover new Korean bands and music to listen to, but the way I go about it is to read the recommendations of other people. So I hope you all checked out Anna Lindgren’s choices for album of the year 2009. Coming soon, LKL will have one or two other lists of recommendations from other contributors as well.

But what are your thoughts for the best album of the year? We’d love to hear. To get your ideas flowing, LKL is running a little competition. Submit your mini review of your favourite album of 2009 and the best reviews will win a prize. We’ve got a few CDs / DVDs to give away, such as Younee’s “True to You” (on my own shortlist for album of the year), “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, “Oldboy” and “200 Pound Beauty”. Send your review by next Sunday lunchtime, and we’ll publish your recommendations on LKL for others to benefit from. The best reviews will win a prize. If you like, you could also write a review of a 2009 album you thought was going to be good, but turned out rubbish, to warn others not to try it out.


  • Mini review should be around 100-150 words long – though can be longer if you like.
  • Closing date for submission: 12 noon UK time Sunday 20 December.
  • Review should be of an album featuring Korean musicians / songwriters
  • Album includes EP, full length album or soundtrack to Korean movie / drama. Includes any genre, including classical or traditional Korean music.

Please include a link to YesAsia or anywhere else I can get the album cover art work: it will save me time when I’m publishing your recommendations.

Mini-reviews can be submitted via the Contact form or email (facebook [at] londonkoreanlinks [dot] net)

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