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Some thank-yous

Yi Chul-jin photographed at Roehampton by Jo Seong-hee
Yi Chul-jin photographed at Roehampton by Jo Seong-hee

Another fun year of blogging, and so it’s time to thank all those who have made things possible. In no particular order, thanks to:

  • The regular and one-off contributors who provide coverage, insight and expertise that are beyond me, and make LKL much more than what it would otherwise be. We’ve had several new contributors this year. Any contributor with two or more articles is invited to submit their profile for the Contributors Page. Thanks to all of them.
  • The photographers. Usually my little pocket digital camera is not up to the job, and often I forget the thing. So thanks to Jo Seong-hee, who is fast becoming LKL’s semi-official photographer and who provided the great photo essay of Yi Chul-jin’s dance performance; and to Lee Hyung-wook of the East who generously provides photos he took for his own publication, the East.
  • The folks at WordPress for their fantastic free content management software; and to the various plugin developers who enhance the core WP functionality.
  • All those who provide tacit support or active encouragement to LKL – especially my wife Louise, who puts up with my evening blogging activities.
  • The many organisers of Korea-related events who give the LKL team plenty to write about.
  • And of course to the readers who find things of interest here.

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