January events 2010

This events list is probably a bit sketchy, and I will add to it as I hear more.


  • Supervisions continues at the KCC all month
  • Cold Cell continues at an old police station near Goldsmiths College until 9 January
  • WunderKammer continues at Sesame at Islington until 16 January
  • I-MYU’s two-part exhibition Ways of Seeing (pictured) commences on 7 January.
  • The Goldsmiths College MFA degree show, Pause and Eject 2, 26-28 January contains a number of Korean student artists.


  • SOAS’s Spring Term seminars commence this month:
    • 15 January (Han Sang-hie: talk in Korean entitled Tradition or Treason? History and the Korean Constitutional Court);
    • 22 January (Warwick Morris: Three decades of Korea-watching);
    • 29 January (Lee Jung-shim: Han Yongun’s posthumous novel Death: Questioning a monk’s nation-building project).
  • The Korea Discussion Group meets at Chatham House on 15 January: Joel Wit on US engagement with the DPRK.


  • Two theatrical releases this month:
  • Also, Park Chan-wook’s Thirst makes it to R2 DVD on 25 January.
  • Ninja Assassin, which features Rain, gets a release on 22 January.
  • Still awaiting details of the KCC’s screenings this month

Social, meetups etc

  • Kiejo Sarsfield is running one of her cookery classes on 23 January: Bindaetteok, Japche, and Kimchi Jjigae and also on 30 January.
  • The Korean Language Meetup convenes on 9 January

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