Lost in Translation

Every now and then I get an off-the-wall request landing in my in-box. It’s one of the pleasures of running this site. Here’s the latest.

Can anyone help the new occupant of a flat whose previous occupant was a Korean? The intercom system doesn’t work, but fortunately the previous tenant left behind a helpful diagram. Which of course is in Korean. If anyone thinks they can decipher it, please let us know. Click on the image below to launch a pdf version of the scan.

3 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. The Korean writing is a list of colours that presumably relate to the numbers somehow (or perhaps the lines represent wires?). I know what the words mean, but I have no idea what the diagram means…

  2. Hello Daeguowl,

    The lines do indeed represent wires – there seem to be hundreds of them inside of the handset. Could you translate them for me? Perhaps going from 1-8 in the circles and then 1-8 in the rectangles?

    I’d be most grateful!

  3. … or if anybody else wants to have a go..? It’d save me from having to run up and down two flights of stairs everytime anyone comes to visit!

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