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Kim Jong-il’s Comedy Club – the tweets

It’s not often that Twitter is alive with Tweets about a documentary on BBC4, but Kim Jong-il’s Comedy Club was special. Here are some of them.

  1. LKL: Game for a laugh? Don’t forget Kim Jong-il’s Comedy Club tonight, BBC4, 10pm #
  2. LKL: Wow this documentary is bizarre!! #
  4. LKL: “Love is like a pineapple, sweet and undefinable” say two Korean-Danish adoptees in front of the statue of Kim Il-sung. The minder wipes away a tear. #
  5. LKL: The music school, frequented by North Korea’s “most talented and best fed children”. The inevitable accordion playing… #
  6. LKL: “I hate such injustice. All the times I’ve faked a smile and lied” confesses the handicapped Jacob #
  7. Alex_Hoban: My god this is so cruel and messed up
  8. LKL: Oh dear. None of the comedy sketches seem to be surviving – re-written by the minders. I wonder if the Oasis song (Wonderwall) will remain #
  9. LKL: Have the DPRK minders been watching Little Britain? In their re-written sketch the guy in the wheelchair isn’t handicapped at all. #
  10. LKL: A gift to the Dear Leader: something to make pizza with. A nicely varnished mahogany pizza shovel. Priceless. #
  11. LKL: Cute pianist #
  12. LKL: “The essence of North Korea. They’re clapping because they’re scared. They’re clapping for the camera. They keep on clapping for as long as the camera is rolling.” #
  13. LKL: “One heart, one mind, one Korea” – the re-written script #
  14. LKL: “The picnic was like a trip to the Black Forest under Nazi rule” #
  15. LKL: The Korean refuses to do the anti-American salute. The Dane decides to keep the minders happy #
  16. LKL: A must see. Catch it on iPlayer (if it’s on there). score-2score-2score-2score-2score-2 #
  17. Alex_Hoban: God this has left my skin crawling
  18. LKL: That documentary will stay with me for a long time. So many layers. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. #
    • Stephanie Seungmin Kim: I was deeply moved by it, especially when he said ‘next time’ seeing paik’s embarrasement.
  19. LKL: OK, it’s now on iPlayer. You’ve GOT to watch it: #
    • Peter Corbishley: Certainly a must. Fascinating glimpses of real totalitarian life mixed with a peculiar kind of naive openness.
    • Jan Olsen: I have seen and it is really amusing and scary at the same time.
  20. ToastMaster: Watching BBC4’s Kim Jong-Il’s Comedy Club on iplayer. It’s ace. Watch
  21. django15: Watching ‘Kim jong il’s Comedy Club’ on #BBC i player, bizarre is an understatement when describing North Korea.
  22. nixsight Storyville – Kim Jong Il’s Comedy Club is giving me the fear in all sorts of different ways. Fascinating & horrid.
  23. dirkart: One would have thought that the Korean hosts on Kim Jong Il’s Comedy club would have been for the chop after this airing.
  24. harveyethomas: Gobsmacked yet captivated by BBC Four’s showing of ‘Kim Jong Il’s Comedy Club’… Jaw Dropping and horrifying but gripping. A must see.


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