Korean choreographers at Cloud Dance Festival

For the last two and a half years Cloud Dance Festival has provided performance opportunities to innovative and talented professional dance artists. As well as offering all important performance space, Cloud Dance festival presents an exciting programme of contemporary dance three times a year for those who are simply looking for to watch high quality contemporary dance.

Their first festival of 2010 is Trouble & Desire, to be held at Pleasance Theatre on 26-28 March. The line-up includes Korean choreographer Hyanglae Jin (back by popular demand on Sunday 28 March) and SuperB Dance Theatre’s WooJung Kim on Saturday 27 March. Both sessions start at 7:30 and contain 7-8 dance acts. For more information, consult the Cloud Dance Festival website, http://www.cloud-dance-festival.org.uk/

Pleasance Theatre is at Carpenters Mews, North Road, London, N7 9EF [Map]

SuperB Dance Theatre
SuperB Dance Theatre

WooJung Kim, born in South Korea, completed her studies with BA Hons. Her interest in body expression has shifted her to the dance field. After having learnt several dance styles such as jazz dance, tap, ballet and traditional dance she then decided to move to London to learn theatre and contemporary dance. After taking on drama and various dance training, Kim progressed onto choreography. Her concerns with human life aspects are reflected in her works, mainly using character and movement together. Through the characters, which are usually adopted from fiction, real stories or own experiences, she finds connections between acting and movement.

SuperB Dance Theatre is formed by herself to spread her choreographic colour. Her aim of work is interaction with the audience to describe ordinary people and express their emotions through movement. By telling a story and by presenting it with some movement, her piece will touch your mind and make you warm at the end.

No sense? Nonsense!

This solo is a reworking of my past piece, ‘Can I…?’ in 2008. It is based on the character from the Japanese movie ‘Josee, the tiger and the fish’. The girl is a disabled person who could not use her legs by nature. After she met a boy, her perspective of world changed and she recognised her problem of action (movement). The ‘Can I…?’ drew her emotional journey which was scared, happy, in love, disappoint, conflict and hopeful.

In 2010, I am reprising the idea of disabled situation but reworking this piece with a dancer with a strong classical base. The character is changed by the dancer but still has a problem with legs. In ‘No sense? Nonsense!’, the main character is a famous ballerina who has an accident and suddenly loses her sense of legs.

Choreographed by WooJung Kim
Dancer: Lucía Piquero
Website: http://superbdancetheatre.blogspot.com/
SuperB Dance Theatre page on Cloud Dance Festival website.

Hyanglae Jin in CDF: Parade, by Valeria Cardi
Hyanglae Jin in CDF: Parade, by Valeria Cardi

Hyanglae Jin was born in Korea. Focussing on contemporary dance, she received her BA Hons in Korea. After moving to London, she trained at London Contemporary Dance School and gained a postgraduate diploma through working with EDge 08. She is currently working as a freelance performer while continuing her ongoing research as a dance maker. She was part of The Place Prize as a performer and worked with one of Russell Maliphant’s dancers.

Now Let me tell you about my…

Resolved Question: Now let me tell you about my…

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Good luck!

Choreographer: Hyanglae Jin
Dancers: Carlos Molina, Sebastian hicks
Music: Attewenger song, Moondog

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