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Book launch event: What a Difference a Region Makes

Four years ago there was a fascinating two-day seminar at Birkbeck College examining popular culture in East Asia on a regional basis. How did one East Asian country present others in their popular culture products? Why was it that some countries’ popular culture sold well in other countries? What can be done to support cultural content industries?

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As always with these conferences, the talks get packed in, and often speakers don’t have time to develop their full arguments. Well, the papers from the conference have now been assembled into a book, which is to be formally launched later this month at an event sponsored by the Japan Foundation.

6pm, 21 April, at the Japan Foundation, 10-12 Russell Square, London WC1B 5EH. Preregistration required. Further details in the first two links below.


3 thoughts on “Book launch event: What a Difference a Region Makes

  1. Thanks a lot for posting this: I would never have heard about it otherwise. Before I do actually order the book though, I’d be grateful if anyone could confirm that a good proportion of it is on Korea-related topics? Thanks in advance!

    1. I’m assuming the Korea-related topics will be pretty much as reflected in my account of the seminar. But if it’s materially different I’ll post the table of contents here. I’ll be going along next week so I’ll possibly pick up a copy then.

  2. Thanks, and I should really have checked the contents before writing sorry. Now that I have though, I’ve decided to order it regardless, although I do hope that the second half of Yoshitaka Mori’s chapter (chapters?) is in there in particular, as by coincidence I’m co-authoring a presentation for a conference on virtually the same topic.

    Seriously looking forward to having the book in my hands! 🙂

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