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“Antique” to screen at Terracotta Film Fest

Now in its second year, the Terracotta Far East Film Festival is 6-9 May 2010. The there’s loads of great films to see, and the Korean interest is provided by Antique on Saturday 8 May 2010 at 13:15 at the Prince Charles Cinema. LKL’s Saharial called it “a delicious slice of feel-good cinema“:

Screening: Saturday 8 May 2010 at 13:15 (doors open 13:00) at Prince Charles Cinem, just off Leicester Square

Awards: Official Selection Berlin Film Festival 2009

Hot guy opens a cake shop to ogle girls all day long; gay pâtissier joins … to ogle the hot owner all day long!

UK Premiere – Korean (English subtitles) – South Korea 2008 – Comedy, Musical – 15

Dir: Min Kyu-dong 109 min
Cast: Ju Ji-hun, Kim Jae-wook, Yu Ah-in, Choi Ji-ho, Andy Gillet

Impulsive yuppie Kim Jin Hyeok (Ju Ji-hun) suddenly announces his need to open a fancy cake shop, figuring that such places would be overrun with women.

He hires a highly talented and sought-after young pâtissier, Min Seon Woo (Kim Jae-wook), to bring in the customers. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as planned, because Min’s other reputation with men, gay and straight alike, has earned him the moniker of “The Gay of Demonic Charm” and left his previous employers’ staff in emotional tatters. Worse yet, it turns out that Min was the subject of Kim’s heartbreaking and cruel rejection years ago at school.

Nevertheless, together with a failed boxer and Kim’s ex-bodyguard, the cake shop becomes highly successful, though Kim seems to have another reason altogether for starting this venture.

Based on an award-winning Japanese manga, Antique Bakery, this film is a fun and light-hearted frolic punctuated with brief musical set pieces and mouth-watering delicacies, and is touted as one of the most successful Korean movies ever made.


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