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Royal Ancestors: the index

Royal Ancestors cover - complete
The diary of LKL’s 2010 trip to Korea at the invitation of the Korean Culture and Information Service’s Foreign Media Fellowship programme.


About this travel account
A note on intangible cultural heritage


1. Royal Ancestors and Lee Young-ae
2. The Schedule

Friday 30 April: Arrival

3. Moon Vases and Kim Gun Mo

Saturday 1 May: Tourism day

4. Yongin Folk Village
5. The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon
6a. The remains of the day

Sunday 2 May: The Rituals

6b. Gwanghwamun, early morning
7. The Jongmyo Rituals part 1
8. The Jongmyo Rituals part 2
10. An evening with Yi Chuljin

Monday 3 May: Interviews, day 1

11. Presenting intangible cultural heritage in Bucheon
12. A meeting with Sorea
13. Jogyesa, Insadong and a chance encounter

Tuesday 4 May: Interviews, day 2

14. Seoul as World Design City
15. Korean Kites, Kim Ki-chan and Cho Se-hui’s Dwarf
16. A meeting with Hwang Byung-ki
17. Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation
18a. Networking in Hongdae

Wednesday 5 May: Hadong County

18b. Journey into unknown territory
19. Hadong: home of Korean Tea
20. The House of Choi Champan
21. The Jjimjilbang experience

Thursday 6 May: Sancheong County, day 1

22. A sense of direction
23. Turtle, Phoenix and Seal
24. Lunch with the mayor
25. Heo Jun and Sancheong’s herbal heritage
26. Arrival at Daewonsa
27. The magic at sundown
28. The 108 bows
29. The 9 o’clock meditation

Friday 7 May: Sancheong County, day 2

30. Early morning prayers and sutra-painting
31. Remembering the struggle against the partisans
32. The Beautiful Walls of Namsa-ri
33. Remembering Song Chol
34. A visit to Sancheong’s finest potter
35. Makgeolli, maeuntang and a fashion show

Saturday 6 May: Sancheong to Seoul

36. The Jirisan Forest Trail
37. The Last King of Kaya
38a. Rakkoje
38b. The ever-popular Park Soo-keun
38c. The Korean Literature Project

Sunday 9 May: Departure

38d. The Return home

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