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Chelsea flower show

If England was Korea, would the Chelsea Flower Show be called the Chelsea International Flower Festival? #

One thought on “Shows, expos and festivals

    • suzyinseoul: that made me snort up my tea. there are so many “international” fests going on here! ;P
    • liveJ: Might be… or Chelsea Inernational Flower Expo.
    • Ej Shin: yes, they like “expo” too
    • Patricia Lee: Hyperbole is one of our most endearing characteristics, don’t you think? ^^
    • Jiyoung Song: Is there a Korean garden there yet? I tried last year but the former Ambassador Chun said Korea doesn’t have any such gardening concept as in England or Japan which I don’t agree with. Any gardening expedition while you’re in Korea?
    • LKL: @Jiyoung: No Korean garden at Chelsea, but my wife tells me there was a very pretty Japanese garden. I tend to agree with Ambassador Chun. I don’t think I would know what to expect of a Korean garden at Chelsea. What little I know of Korean gardening seems to emphasise integration with the landscape, with minimal evidence of human intervention – other than the creation of pavilions in ornamental ponds. I’ve never seen the full extent of the Secret Garden, or been to any other Korean garden, so I can’t really comment further.
    • Jiyoung Song: Philip, oh no, I’m disappointed. You should definitely know more about Korean gardens. THERE IS a separate gardening culture in Korea different from Japan or China. I can tell you all about it when we meet next time. A miniature Korean garden was introduced in Frankfurt a while ago and there are books about them too.
    • Ej Shin: You should have seen So Shwae Won in Kwangju. I think that is the best example of Korean garden.

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