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On the Line: photo exhibition commemorating the Korean War

Press release for the upcoming exhibition at the KCC:

On the Line - exhibition logoROK Ministry of National Defense Hosts “On the Line” Photo Exhibition in United Kingdom to Commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War
10 Renowned Korean Photographers Present their stories on the on-going war
Exhibition Dates : 8 September – 25 September 2010

On the Line - installation view

On September 8th (Wednesday) the ROK MND and The Korean Cultural Centre UK will host the “On the Line” photo exhibition in the United Kingdom. This photo exhibition held in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, is an attempt to analyze the concept of ‘boundaries’, a product of the war, through photography.

10 renowned Korean photographers, including JOO Myung Duck, KANG Woon Gu, KOO Bohnchang, OH Hein-Kuhn, participated in the photo exhibition. The photographers focused not on the visible boundary of the two Koreas, but on the boundaries between past and present, hardship and beauty, separation and unification, isolation and harmony, desire and prohibition, and the Korean peninsula and the world – byproducts of the watershed incident in modern Korean history.

Moreover, the exhibition consists of a total of 65 pieces, ranging from traditional black-and-white pieces to the more recent digitally synthesized pieces, that expresses the unique perspectives of the various artists and their diverse methods of expression.

Especially, this exhibition attempts to exceed the limitations of documentary or journalism photography, and attempts to present an artistic analysis of war for the first time. The artists range from some in their thirties to some even in their seventies. The exhibition allows such variety of artists to put forward each of their interpretations of the Korean War, and thus, offers the audience an opportunity to directly confront the lost memories of war and realities of separation. One will be able to contemplate on the importance and different perspectives of the Korean War. In particular, the exhibition seeks to convey a special message of appreciation to the United Kingdom, who has deployed the second largest troops to aide the allied forces during the Korean War.

The exhibition, which was previously held at the Daelim Contemporary Art Center (Seoul, Korea) from June 25th to August 20th, will have an opening ceremony at The Korean Cultural Centre UK on September 7th (Tuesday), and The publication of the exhibition will be placed in the major national libraries and national/public university libraries throughout the 16 participant nations of the Korean War, including the United Kingdom.

The contributing artists for the exhibition ON THE LINE are;

JOO Myung Duck | KANG Woon Gu | KOO Bohnchang | CHOI Kwang ho | LEE Gap-chul | OH Hein-Kuhn | KOH Myung Keun | Nanda | WON Seoung-Won | BACK Seung Woo

Exhibition is hosted by the
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,
the Ministry of National Defense,
the Ministry of Foreign and Trade,

The exhibition is directed by Shin Suejin, Professor of the Photography Psychology at Yonsei University.

Opening Times:
Mon-Fri: 10am-6pm
Sat. 11am-5pm
Closed Sunday

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