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Donguibogam to get English translation

The Donguibogam
The Donguibogam

The Donguibogam, the encyclopedia of Korean traditional medicine finished by Heo Jun in 1613, finally gets translation ( #) in prepartation for the 400th anniversary of its publication.

“The translation is almost done, and we will soon check the material a final time before publication,” said Shin Gyu-bum, an official at the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

11 thoughts on “Donguibogam to get English translation

  1. Please let me know when this happens. I’ve been looking for info. On it all over. It was suppose to be presented at the expo in September 2013.

  2. I have been waitting for this book in English for 2 years now, would you please let me know where and when i can buy it

    Thank you
    Mai Truong

  3. There is also an app called Donguibogam In My Hand that has an English text setting, but is annoying to find bc you have to navigate the controls in Korean to set it to English.

    1. Thanks for this Roonja. I’ve been meaning to post about the Donbuibogam iPad App for a while but have never got around to it! I agree the App is a bit annoying, but it’s a useful reference tool.

      For anyone who wants to download, search for 내손안에 동의보감 in the App Store.

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