Bae Chang-ho’s The Trip at the KCC

A special screening of a film set in that favourite of honeymoon destinations, Jeju Island.

The TripThe Trip

7pm, Thursday 21st April

Director: Bae Chang-ho
Cast: Park Joo-hee, Oh Yeong-sook, Kim Yu-mi, Park Sang-gyoo

Genre: Drama
Certificate: 15 (South Korea)
Running Time: 147 mins

Venue: The Korean Cultural Centre UK Ground Floor, Grand Buildings 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW

RSVP: Booking is required, please visit our website or call 020 7004 2600 to reserve your place. Admission is free. Please be advised that visitors cannot be admitted after 7.10pm.

The Film

We are celebrating the Island of Jeju as it has been nominated as ‘New 7 Wonder of the World’. As part of the celebration, we are having a special film night screening of The Trip which captures the charms of Korea’s exotic Jeju Island.

The Trip is an omnibus drama encompassing three small stories set in the vacation hotspot of Jeju Island. The stories look at changing relationships and self-reflective journeys of two college students backpacking across Jeju, a teenage girl searching for her estranged mother, and a middle-aged housewife that goes on an impulse trip.

The Trip opens with two college students, Gyeong-mi and Jun-hyeong. The two set off to backpack across Jeju in search of inspiration to enter a photography competition. The outspoken and tomboyish Gyeong-mi tries to get everything her way, while sensitive guy Jun-hyeong struggles to persuade her otherwise. However, when Jun-hyeong announces that he will be drafted into mandatory military service soon, Gyeong-mi suddenly loses her appetite.

The second portion of the film zooms into local Jeju life. Fifteen-year-old Su-yeon sorely feels growing pains as she must deal with them on her own ― her father lives far away because of work, her “haenyeo” (Korean diving fisherwoman) grandmother is getting sick and frail, and schoolwork bores her. She finds solace in daydreaming about mainland life, particularly Suwon where her mother, who left the family when she was five, supposedly works. When summer break hits, Su-yeon decides to search for her mother.

In the last episode, a middle-aged, middle-class housewife Eun-hui has taken off on an impulsive getaway from the daily grind to take a break from picking up after her unemployed husband and teenage daughter.

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