3rd Terracotta Festival, 5-8 May

Two Korean films are included in the Terracotta Festival:

Man of Vendetta

Man of Vendetta 파괴된 사나이, Friday 6th May 19.35. A thriller directed by Woo Min-Ho about Pastor Ju Young-su (Kim Myung-Min), a man of rock solid faith whose life is shattered when his 5-year-old daughter is kidnapped. He seeks God with desperate prayers for her safe return but to no avail. Feeling betrayed and distraught with anguish, Ju renounces his faith and leads a completely secular life. Eight years pass and he receives a call about his daughter- that she is still alive and is living with the kidnapper. Once again, Ju’s resolute attempt to rescue his daughter begins.

Petty Romance

Petty romance 쩨쩨한 로맨스 , Saturday 7th May, 13.00 with Lee Seon-Gyoon and Choi Kang-Hee is a witty and clever adult comic and romance comedy between an adult cartoonist who teams with an unlikely writer to try for lucrative adult comic prize, bringing out their respective wildest fantaisies. Director Kim Jeong-Hoon uses a great technique of mixing adult manwha animation into the rom-com feature film.

But there’s also some great non-Korean films to look forward to. Here’s the full programme


5th – 8th May 2011
Prince Charles Cinema, London

Premiere Asian movie festival in the UK, the Terracotta Far East Film Festival is back in London to present its third roundup of choice hand-picked films from the Far East.

Running from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th May 2011, this year’s 14 films selected to represent the best in current Asian Cinema:

Opening Film: The Lost Bladesman (UK Premiere) – dir. Alan Mak and Felix Chong (co-writers, Infernal Affairs), China.
Donnie Yen (Ip Man) as the legendary historical Three Kingdoms figure, Guan Yu.

Hotel Black Cat (European Premiere) – dir. Herb Hsu (debut), Taiwan.
Past traumas still linger with the eclectic residents at Hotel Black Cat.

The Tiger Factory (UK Premiere) – dir. Woo Ming Jin (The Elephant and the Sea), Malaysia.
Would you sell your baby for a better life abroad?

Revenge: A Love Story (International Premiere) – dir. Wong Ching Po (Jiang Hu), Hong Kong.
A serial killer targeting pregnant women is on the loose.

Man of Vendetta (UK Premiere) – dir. Woo Min-ho (debut), S.Korea.
Eight years after his daughter has been kidnapped, a father gets a call from the kidnapper.

Helldriver (UK Premiere) – dir. Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police), Japan.
Welcome to Zombie World!

Petty Romance (UK Premiere) – dir. Kim Jeong-hun (debut), S.Korea.
A comic artist teams with an unlikely writer to try for lucrative adult comic prize, bringing out their respective wildest fantasies.

Choy Lee Fut (European Premiere) – dir. Tommy Law Wai Tak (Wife from Hell), Sam Wong Ming-Sing (debut), China.
Two best friends head from Europe to China to learn Choy Lee Fut and get more than they bargained for.

Yakuza Weapon (European Premiere) – dir. Tak Sakaguchi (Mutant Girls Squad), Yudai Yamaguchi (Meatball Machine), Japan.
Part man, part machine, ALL Yakuza.
Q&A with Tak Sakaguchi.
Presented by Sci-Fi-London.

Child’s Eye (UK Premiere) – dir. Pang Brothers (The Eye), Hong Kong.
Six stranded tourists are caught up in a haunted Bangkok guesthouse.

Red Light Revolution (European Premiere) – dir. Sam Voutas (debut), China.
China’s first Sex Shop Comedy!
Q&A with Sam Voutas.
Masterclass with Sam Voutas.

Karate Girl (International Premiere) – dir. Yoshikatsu Kimura (Hige Clothing), Japan.
Two sisters from a Karate dynasty, separated when young, now find themselves on opposing sides.
Q&A with Rina Takeda.
Presented by Hyper Japan.

Gallants (UK Premiere) – dir. Clement Cheng (debut), Hong Kong.
From zero to hero, via old skool kung-fu.
Q&A with Clement Cheng.
Masterclass with Clement Cheng.

Closing Film: Milocrorze, A Love Story (UK Premiere) – dir. Yoshimasa Ishibashi (Colour of Life), Japan.
Hyper colourful multi-segmented film about obsessive love.
Presented by Third Window Films.

Guests travel courtesy of Terracotta Festival 2011 Official Airline KLM.

Terracotta Festival are delighted to announce a reciprocal programming arrangement with SCI-FI-LONDON: Terracotta Festival will present “Gantz” (based on a smash hit Manga) at SCI-FI-LONDON in April, and to reciprocate, SCI-FI-LONDON will present “Yakuza Weapon” at Terracotta Festival in May. http://www.sci-fi-london.com/

Tickets on sale now via Prince Charles Cinema website (or by phone or in person at Prince Charles Cinema). Ticket prices (which compare favourably with other film festivals and West End venues), are as follows:

Early Bird BEFORE 19th April: £7.50 or (£6.00 for PCC Members)
FROM 20th April onwards: £8.50 or (£7.50 for PCC Members)
Festival Pass: £70 (£58 for PCC Members)
access all films with reserved seating

For more info: www.TerracottaFestival.com


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