Korean performers at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe

Korean performers are continuing their tradition of bringing entertaining shows to the Edinburgh Fringe. Alongside the significant Korean productions as part of the main festival this year, you will find physical theatre, puppetry, traditional and indie music, and much more: Gaksi, Mago http://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/theatre/gaksi-mago Category: Theatre Genres: drama Group: Kkachidong Venue: theSpaces @ Surgeons Hall Event […]

Jeju-do’s youngest Haenyeo

Jeju-do’s youngest Haenyo is poised to continue family tradition – nice to know there is at least one diver under 50 http://bit.ly/ocg3F2 #. Kim Yeon-ji (24) was born on Marado, south of Jeju-do, where there is little apart from a lighthouse and a few houses. (Image of Kim Yeon-ji sourced from Yonhap) Marado (마라도). (Source: […]

SC First Bank workers demonstrate in London

Someone just told me the Korea Standard Chartered Unions were protesting outside FSA. Popped out to talk to them, but within only five minutes they had already dispersed. Apparently there were only four of them – easy for the Canary Wharf security staff to deal with. #. Last month, when they started their strike, the […]

Designers: Dream Whisperers at Mokspace

News of the first exhibition from the new gallery, Mokspace: Designers: Dream Whisperers On the 28th July 2011, Epha3 and Mokspace are pleased to present to you Design Exhibition, What we lose in our ordinary life is dreams. The advance of technology has brought us loads of convenience, but at the same time it has […]

Gig Review: Dok2 at the Coronet Theatre

Saharial reports from Sunday’s live Kpop concert It’s not often that London is graced with the presence of Korean Hip-hop, but the Kpop Team announced proudly a month or so ago that they had arranged for Dok2 to have a concert in London, not just to showcase a talented act, but to hopefully pave the […]

Where does “Poetry” rank among Lee Chang-dong’s films?

With Lee Chang-dong’s Poetry getting its UK theatrical release on Friday1, it’s worth taking a moment to think about where it ranks among his filmography. His first film, Green Fish (1997), is also probably his least-known, and tackles Korea’s urbanisation. By contrast, Peppermint Candy (2000), which addresses Korea’s troubled modern history, ranks highly among many […]

Event news: Twilight Gangsters screens at the KCC

The 75th Korean Film Night at the KCC the Thursday continues the theme of the more mature female star: Twilight Gangster (육혈포 강도단, 2010) 7pm, Thursday 28th July Director: Kang Hyo-jin Cast: Kim Do-yeon, Kim Su-mi, Im Chang-jung Genre:Action Comedy Certificate: 12 (South Korea) Running Time: 107 mins Venue: The Korean Cultural Centre UK Ground […]

2011: the year K-pop goes global?

I’m now losing track of the number of flashmobs, talent contests and auditions organised by fans, the Ministry of Culture or Korean TV stations, all with the aim of getting K-pop out of Korea and into … well just about anywhere overseas. K-pop has of course been big in Asia for a while, has tried […]