South Korean online games a source of cash for Pyongyang

by Philip Gowman on 5 August, 2011 updated 16 October, 2016

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North Korean hackers make money out of stealing virtual property in South Korean online gaming worlds. This, according to the New York Times:

Despite its decrepit economy, North Korea is believed to train an army of computer programmers and hackers. The police in Seoul said that four South Koreans and a Korean-Chinese had been arrested on charges of drawing on that army to organize a hacking squad of 30 young video gaming experts.

Working from Northern China, the squad created software that breached the servers for such popular South Korean online gaming sites as “Lineage” and “Dungeon and Fighter.” The breach allowed round-the-clock play by “factories” of dozens of unmanned computers.

Their accumulated gaming points were exchanged for cash at Web sites where human players are focused on acquiring enhancements for their online personas, or avatars.

In a little less than two years, the organizers made $6 million. They gave 55 percent of it to the hackers, who forwarded some of it to agents in Pyongyang.

Source: New York Times #



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