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Awaken: Hyo Jung Kim at Mokspace

News of the second exhibition from Mokspace, a new gallery near the British Museum:

Hyo Jung Kim solo exhibition
18-31 August 2011

Opening hours Wed-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat-Sun 11am-6pm
Opening reception Thur 18 Aug 6pm-9pm
Curated by Kyeongmi Baek

Mokspace is pleased to present the first London exhibition of the work of Korean artist Hyo Jung Kim. This exhibition showcases Kim’s newest paintings, wherein she awakes and focuses on that moment on the border between dream and reality.

Hyo Jung Kim observes and records her experiences as it happens using her own methods and colours. Her body that does not lie, moves during the night and as a result forms wrinkles in the duvet. Kim then uses these signs as a clue as to what has taken place during the night in her dreams. She observes the wrinkle map on the duvet and tries to relate these marks with her personal memories in an attempt to answer questions such as what she is looking for and why she struggles during the night. Eventually, she wants to move her stories from beyond the subconscious world to a canvas.

Carl Jung (1875‐1961)
“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”

Hyo Jung Kim is a graduate of B.F.A, / M.F.A Hong‐Ik University (Korea). Solo exhibitions include Guided Dream, Gallery Dam, Seoul (2009) and in∣◂play, Kepco Plaza Gallery, Seoul (2004). Group shows include Art Road77 art fair, Art Factory & With Artist Gallery, Paju (2009), Dreamscapes, Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland (2007), From Heyri, Book House Gallery, Paju (2007), 氣色, Art Factory, Paju (2007) and more going as far back 2001.

For further details please contact Kyeongmi Baek
Kyeongmi Baek | 07545004097 | [email protected]

Article for Hyo Jung Kim’s Solo Exhibition by Sajid Rizvi

There’s something about urban existence that drives us to dream and, better still, to articulate those dreams — sharing feelings and words with friends, in the social media and any other opportunity that comes our way. Not surprisingly then, dreams, articulation and interpretations of them, occur often in the work of contemporary artists who by and large are urban creatures.

In a milieu that offers cityscapes and their repertoire of sensory experiences as the launch pad for ideas and expression, a well‐positioned and thought‐through articulation of dreams opens up endless possibilities.

It is first of all a singular privileging of the viewer by the person articulating or interpreting the dream, a very private experience indeed.

Second, articulation of dreams affords the narrator/interpreter/performer with an elastic vocabulary, one which is almost always proprietary. In sharing their dreams the narrator/interpreter/performer — in the event, the artist – invites us into a secret as it metamorphoses into a body of knowledge that retains its exclusivity and allows each participant to embellish its whole with new parts, the stuff of each individual’s experience of that which is recently revealed.

Hyo Jung Kim (b1976, Seoul, Korea) is an artist and purveyor of dreams who sets out to invite her audience to experience her visual narrative, but only after setting certain terms of the engagement. The terms are complex and manifold and offer her audience a variety of clues: in the delicacy of lines on canvas, in the interplay of acrylic coloration and in the total impact of the composite.

The devices Hyo Jung Kim employs are deceptively mundane. For example, the humble duvet becomes a carrier of her rendering of folds and crevices that are unmistakably sensual and are as much akin to the textures, hues and shades of the flesh as the said utilitarian object, one of the more indispensable of bedroom accessories.

A duvet is a ready metaphor for comfort zones and renewals that are integral to human existence. We work, we tire ourselves out, we slither under the soft fabric to recoup and recharge, and then start all over again. All very well, and easily understood within the accessible bounds of an artist’s vocabulary.

The colouring of those dream representations are a different matter, though. The colour juxtapositions, interplays, overlays and splashes are not your textbook colours of dreams, soft organic materials, flesh and body innards, pulsating cells and innermost components of body and mind. They surprise us, unsettle us and leave us bereft of understanding as we expect to fathom what we believe to be familiar themes. This is where Hyo Jung Kim presents us with opportunities to look and see and find what lies within and what is now there for us to view and contemplate in her canvases. In the event it’s a wholly rewarding experience.

Sajid Rizvi

Editor, Eastern Art Report
August 2011

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