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Helen Koo: Transformation & Sustainability in fashion

News of a one-day exhibition in St James’s by fashion designer Helen Koo. Pop in after the seminar at the KCC this Saturday.

Helen Koo designs

Helen Sumin Koo is a fashion designer and her art work centres on new fashion technologies, functional design, and sustainable design. Her exhibition will be held in London on Nov. 26th, and the exhibition is titled “Transformation & Sustainability.”

As overconsumption and fast fashion became the main trends, the fashion industry’s negative influences on the environment, the economy, and society have increased. How can we solve this problem? Fashion designers can change consumer’s behaviour and improve sustainability. Transformative garments allow customers to wear various styles with one garment. The transformative garments use modularized interface which give customers a chance to create their own styles, use the dress for a longer period, wear it in various situations, reuse old clothing, and have fun by DIY easily.

Buy one item, change it as you want, and wear it in various styles.

Garments that can be transformed and satisfy various consumer needs and wants are expected to prevent overconsumption of garments.

Exhibition Date: Nov. 26th
Opening hour: 12-6pm
Location: Gallery 8
8 Duke Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6BN
Contacts: 020 7930 0375 / [email protected]

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