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London Information Centre: Hyemin Park at Mokspace

Park Hye-min has a brief exhibition at MokSpace, 8-10 January 2010, as part of one of her ongoing projects:

London Information Centre

Exhibition Date: 8, 9, 10 Janurary
Venue: MokSapce, 33 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH

Top 5 London

Clearance Exchange

Hyemin Park, who was born in Korea and currently works in London, has also run a project called ‘Clearance Exchange’ (‘clearance’, as she is about to leave London for Korea). In this project the artist invites exhibition visitors to take part in a ‘trade off’, in that the visitor/participant is asked to exchange his/her drawing of the artist’s item with the actual item.

Hyemin Park: Opencall

To London, in London, from London

To accompany the project ‘To London, in London, from London’, artist Hyemin Park invites anyone who used to live in London—or who passed through London—to submit a memorable photo of London with a related story. With this personal photographic memory, the artist draws the participant on the transparent board and takes a photo of it again at the same place whe…re the participant took the photo, and then makes a postcard as a final outcome. The captured memory is exhibited as a souvenir postcard here and is able to be shared with the exhibition visitors. The artist encourages the visitor to write a letter on the postcard and send it back to the initial sender

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