Korean artists and designers at Canary Wharf

by Events Editor on 14 January, 2012 updated 3 December, 2017

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When thinking of Canary Wharf, you probably think of bankers and their bonuses, or maybe the underground shopping centre. But among all the commerce, there’s culture as well. There’s the annual jazz festival, the occasional concert at the Winter Gardens. And there are numerous window displays in the arcades which offer artists and designers the opportunity to show their work to passing shoppers and bankers.

Jo Seong-hee's May 2010 display

Jo Seong-hee’s May 2010 display

The first Korean artist to spot the opportunity was Jo Seong-hee, whose large-format photographs of cityscapes by night were ideal for the market. Her exhibition in one of the Lightbox spaces was in May 2010.

Sena Gu's ceramics

Sena Gu’s ceramics

Over the recent holiday season, four more Koreans have been exhibiting there. Senu Gu, whose ceramics were on show at the 100% Design 2011, held her exhibition over the Christmas period, while in an adjacent arcade Lee Sunju held a show entitled A Practiced Place.

Lee Sunju's A Practiced Place display

Lee Sunju’s A Practiced Place display – till 4 January 2012

Unfortunately my iPhone is unable to cope with the light in these arcades. You can find better images of Sunju’s work at her website, www.sunjulee.com.

Kim Hee-young's jewellery

Kim Hee-young’s jewellery, at the Window Gallery till 27 January 2012

Currently on show is the jewellery of Kim Hee-young, a Central St Martin’s graduate whose degree show was inspired by the satisfaction of tidying and organising wardrobes and drawers. Again, better images are available on her website.

Shin Soo-ji's lamps and chandeliers, till 24 February 2012

Shin Soo-ji’s lamps and chandeliers, till 24 February 2012

Finally, KAA member Shin Soo-ji is taking advantage of the larger Lightbox window to display her lighting designs, till 24 February.


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