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Sasapari at the Bargehouse: its 5th year, now with 64 artists

The big exhibition of young Korean artists in the UK is now in its fifth year. With 64 artists participating, expect a wide range of video, installation and more traditional work displaying a vibrant range of talents. The title of the exhibition, Sasapari, represents the dialling codes of UK (+44) and South Korea (+82)

The 5th 4482 Sasapari: “Map the Korea”

Mapping Contemporary Korean Art in British Terrain.
2012 Sasapari Bargehouse poster


Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH
Nearest tube stations: Southwark, Waterloo


22 – 26 February 2012
Open Daily 11am – 6pm
Private View: Wed 22 6 – 8 pm
Admission Free

Participating Artists

Subjectivity: The Performative Nature

Chan-Hyo Bae (배찬효), Sookyoung Huh (허숙영), Ilsu Hwang (황일수), Yun Kyung Jeong (정윤경), Hayoung Kim (김하영), Sejin Moon (문세진), Seung Ah Paik (백승아), Kyunghee Park (박경희), Jung Yun Roh (노정연), Jiho Won (원지호), Min-Jung Woo (우민정), Jungu Yoon (윤준구), Ji Won Yun (윤지원)

Object: The Liminal Things

Suk An (안숙), Jihyun Jeong (정지현), Ga Ram Kim (김가람), Shin Wook Kim (김신욱), Jukhee Kwon (권죽희), Yoojung Oh (오유정), Se Hwan Roh (노세환), Kiwoun Shin (신기운), Mikyung Son (손미경), Seoyeoung Won (원서용), Seok Won Yoon (윤석원), Hyesoo You (유혜수)

Site: Site Becoming Points of Situation

Haeree Cho (조해리), Eunju Choi (최은주), Eun Sook Choi (최은숙), Shan Hur (허산), Minjung Lee (이민정), Sunju Lee (이선주), Minae Kim (김민애), Soon Hak Kwon (권순학), Chanmin Park (박찬민), Jinhee Park (박진희), Yeojoo Park (박여주), Beomsik Won (원범식), Woon Zung (정운)

Time: Time and the Ambivalent State

Je Baak (박제성), Haeyun Cho (조해연), Kaneumiah Choi (최카느미아), Yoonsuk Choi (최윤석), Heeryung Hong (홍희령), Jungpyo Hong (홍정표), Sooim Jeong (정수임), Seokyeong Kang (강서경), Dong Yoon Kim (김동윤), Rae Koo (구래연), Kyejung Park (박계정), Fay Shin (페이신), Sung Feel Yun (윤성필)

Method: The Unfinalised Drift

Jinkyun Ahn (안진균), Anna Choi (최안나), Joohee Chun (천주희), Ahyoung Joy Jo (아영 조이 조), SoYoung Jung (정소영), Eemyun Kang (강임윤), Chinwook Kim (김진욱), Jieun Kim (김지은), Sanghyun Kim (김상현), Dokyung Lee (이도경), Eunkyung Lee (이은경), Jungwoo Lee (Locco) (이정우), Kyounghee Noh (노경희)

Supported by

Korean Cultural Centre UK


The Exhibition Organiser’s credit goes to all sixty four artists for their spontaneous contributions.

Exhibition Manager

Ji Young Lee / [email protected]

Exhibition Team

Jihyun Ahn / [email protected]
Gaeun Ji / [email protected]
Hyukgue Kwon / [email protected]
Kko Kka Lee / [email protected]

Exhibition Assistant

Sue Oh / [email protected]
Ho Jung Kim / [email protected]

Archive Room Project Team

savethenurse production
Yunsuk Baek / [email protected]
Kwanwoo Kim / [email protected]
Woori Kim / [email protected]
Maria Lee / [email protected]

Catalogue and Poster Design

Joonho Kwon / [email protected]


Hyemin Park / [email protected]

Opening performance

EE (E. Hyun Joon, E. Yunjung)

Also thanks to Chan-Hyo Bae, Deborah Crowhurst, Shan Hur, Soon-Hak Kwon, Shinwook Kim, Sue Jin Lee, Gyeyeon Park, Jinhee Park, Kiwoun Shin, Jiho Won, Seoyeoung Won, Tom Woo for insightful advices and supports.

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