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Park Kwangsu at the KCC #2: The Uprising

The attractions of today’s second screening of Park Kwang-su month include Lee Jeong-jae in period costume and a brief glimpse of Shim Eun-ha dressed as one of Jeju Island’s famous diving women. But in general people find this particular movie as dull as ditchwater.

The Uprising (1999)

Uprising posterDirector: Park Kwangsu
Running Time: 110 mins
Date: 15 March 2012, 7pm
Theatre: Multi-purpose Hall, KCCUK


In the late 1800’s, during the Joseon Dynasty, the newer Christian religious movement was gradually gaining strength and numbers, quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with and increasingly taking power from traditional Confucians. The declaration by the Joseon government, in 1901, of heavier taxation than had ever been seen in Korea (which was strongly supported by French Catholic priests in the country) caused the heated feelings of the Confucians to explode, resulting in a rebel Confucian army being formed which subsequently laid siege to the Christian stronghold in Jeju and resulted in the massacre of hundreds of Christians in little more than a matter of days. The Uprising details the events leading up to the assault, focusing on the story of Yi Jae-su, the young man destined to become the leader of the rebel army…

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In case you miss it, here’s the glimpse of Shim in her haenyo outfit:

Shim Eun-ha in Uprising
Shim Eun-ha in Uprising

She looks worried.

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