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Korea’s latest theme park celebrates the toilet

Suwon toilet park

Suwon is home to Korea’s latest theme park: the “Restroom Cultural Park” (수원 화장실 문화공원), which opened on 4 July 2012. Suwon is the city that launched the “Making Beautiful Public Restrooms” project in 1997, and lists its top conveniences on the city website. (via Rocket News; photo: KBS)

One thought on “Korea’s latest theme park celebrates the toilet

  1. Han Eui-Jong: I am happy to read this article! Thank you!! I visited Gwanggyosan (mt.) and Pal dang reservoir in Suwon and witnessed this culture. The ‘ajoomas’ who clean the above places were so dolled up with full make-ups in uniform that I was quite amazed and amused. But uncertain about sculptures. I’d rather see more flowers or beautiful trees then these graphic sculptures….

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