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September events 2012

Let's add some sorrow-filled screams now
Kim Beom: Still from ‘Painting “Yellow Scream”‘ (2012). © The artist 2012

Summer’s over, Chuseok approaches. Everyone’s now bored with Gangnam Style. So what does September hold?


  • This month’s director of the month at the KCCUK is Jeon Kyu-hwan. Otherwhere has her usual very useful focus on the director. The films on successive Thursdays are Mozart Town (2008), Animal Town (2009), Dance Town (2010) and From Seoul to Varanasi (2011). As usual, the last one is at the Apollo Piccadilly with director Q&A.
  • For those with no homes to go to, September 15-16 is an all-night screening of Park Chan-wook’s Vengeance trilogy at the Prince Charles Cinema.

Lectures and educational



  • The KCCUK rounds off the All Eyes on Korea season with a programme of events in front of Tate Modern as part of the Thames Festival, 8-9 September. Babbling Comedy, a wedding ceremony, taekwondo, traditional music, K-pop covers, and this year, a special focus on art: Meekyoung Shin reconstructs the Cheomseongdae observatory out of soapy bricks with visitor participation, and Hong Sang-sik creates artwork out of dried noodles. Lee Lee-nam’s video art will be periodically displaying on the big screen.
  • The protest against the Gangjeong naval base in Jeju-do will come to Trafalgar Square on 8 September.

Visual Arts


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