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Korea Design returns to 100% Design London

As in previous years, the Korea Institute of Design Promotion is hosting a country pavilion at the Earls Court 100% Design London show. Here are the details of the Korean exhibitors this year.


100% Design, London
19-22 September 2012
Stand IP300

Korea Design is an exhibition of Korean Design at 100% Design in London 19-22 September 2012.

Following on from the Korea Institute of Design and Promotion’s success at last year’s fair, where its pavilion was highly commended for its stand design, and one of its designers awarded for Best Use of Materials, Korea Design returns to the LDF to exhibit the latest offerings from Korean designers.

Korea is steadily developing a reputation as a producer of beautiful, intelligent design that marries high-spec technology with natural materials and simple forms. This year’s showcase, which includes ten design companies and five visionaries chosen as Korea’s Next Generation Design Leaders, will fly the flag for Korean Design around the globe.


Cell Lighting specialises in image based LED lighting. The company has developed the IMAGELED Lighting System using LED colour rendering and video image communication technology. It operates a comprehensive service that includes contents design, manufacture and interactive system development.

Boky1, IMAGE-LED Lighting System
Boky1, IMAGE-LED Lighting System comprised of pixels in the form of mosaic tiles. Systemised in basic units 301 x 301mm. Boky1 can be applied to fixed constructions and mobile facilities. Prices from £360 per unit

DESIGN TO DO (Seungyong SONG) /

Design To Do offers everyday products in original shapes and simple, natural materials, including vases made of concrete and iron and a light/bedside table.

Design To Do
Clockwise from top left: Boksh lamp/bedside table, artificial marble, birch and Valchromat, metal switch, red fabric cord, 620 x 265 x 540 mm, from £370; Rong light, birch ply, mixed materials, 320 x 320 x 490 mm, Rong can be used as a table lamp or floor lamp, from £265; V4 vases, iron, cement and walnut, 160 x 160 x 345/400, 205 x 205 x 320/326 mm, from £145


Fabrikr is a two person design craft studio. The design duo reinterprets fabric to produce original furniture that combines design and handcraft. Each item of furniture uses fabric applied in various ways. The Gadum table for instance, uses stacked up layers of fabric that are shaved and trimmed to create a single piece of furniture. The Fabriture_Monster chair uses fabrics of varying textures in the same colourways applied to disposed wooden furniture.

Gadum table and Monster chair
Gadum table, 120 x 80 x 80 cm; Fabriture_Monster chair, 60 x 60 x 85 cm


Joo Design specialises in product design for commercial enterprises and designs furniture, living and office products. The studio also provides a trend analysis service. Joo Design manufactures, distributes and sells its own products.

Tavolino cushion tables
Tavolino cushion table, 36 x 26 x 16 cm; Tavolino Air, air cushion/table, 36 x 26 x 15 cm

Dohoon KIM

Furniture designer Dohoon Kim has worked for the last ten years on researching bentwood methods of manufacture that cut down the manufacturing process and reduce material loss. Kim’s designs comprise a light, sturdy organic structure in free-flowing shapes.

Dohoon: Strip bentwood furniture
Strip bentwood furniture, ash wood, 130 x 50 x 90 cm. Pieces of wood sawn in long individual lines with protruded and concave parts are inserted and piled up one by one, creating a single piece of furniture. Price from £2800.

Jahyung KIM

Jahyung Kim’s designs focus on natural materials and shapes. Her new series ‘Natural’ follows ‘Stitch and Branch’ earlier this year. Both collections use clean lines to let the inherent qualities of natural materials shine through.

Jahyun Kim: Natural dresser
Natural dresser, walnut and rosewood, 60 x 42 120 cm; Natural series, detail. Price from £2200


Established in 2011, Manifesto Design Lab is based in New York and Seoul. The studio’s projects, which range form products to buildings, explore the relationship between the city and its people.

Manifesto Hoverware
Tackling the issue of unhygienic table tops, Hoverware provides a simple solution that prevents the head of cutlery from touching the table. Price from £15 per set


November Design works in exhibition, interior and publication design. The studio also manufactures and sells eco-friendly design art items.

November lights
Clockwise from top left: Canvas Silhouette Light_Gold, painted canvas and light, 38 x 30 x 30 cm, from £80; Canvas Silhouette Light_Red, painted canvas and light, 38 x 30 x 30 cm, from £80; Message Silhouette Light, painted lightbulbs with integrated messages, from £12 per bulb


Stereotype is a Seoul-based design studio. Its I-BOX range of furniture is an eco-friendly, DIY type furniture. The one-touch joint method and knock-down structure enables easy design alteration. IBOX features storage for diverse items such as books, toys and DVD’s. Made of non-toxic ABS/PLA, I-BOX is highly water resistant and is appropriate for use in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

I-BOX storage, each box is 15 x 15 x 3.5 cm. Price from £20 per box


Xerock Kim Studio designs furniture and products that explore the relationship between manmade city and nature.

Xerock Accumulation storage
Accumulation storage, wood with bark dyed following traditional Korean methods, 80 x 30 x 79.4 cm, from £1657; Albero chairs, 59 x 61 x 96 cm, from £165


Government support and sponsorship plays a crucial role in recognising and cultivating talent. The ‘Next Generation Design Leader Program’ was launched in 2004, with sponsorship from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, and the Korea Institute of Design Promotion. The principle objectives of the project are to promote the development of tomorrow’s design leaders, and to foster links between design education and industrial practice.

The program promotes design across all industries, ranging from product, furniture, lighting and fashion design, as well as broader disciplines including design for children’s experiential education.

The five designers and design studios exhibited here were chosen as representative of the creative thinking of the new generation of furniture, lighting, accessories and product designers.

Jaekyoung KIM

Jaekyoung Kim is one half of design duo KAMKAM, which works in the fields of furniture, object, product and space design. The studio takes a playful and conceptual approach to furniture design. Its Dressed-Up Furniture collection is a range of stools, tables and cabinets made of flexible fabric. The concept behind the collection is to combine storage and clothing by incorporating familiar fashion elements, such as belts and buttons, to items of furniture.

The Dressed Up furniture series is made of leather, plywood, sponge and ash and comes in a range of colours including blue, green, yellow and grey and including two-tone colours.

Jaekyoung Kim: Dressed-Up furniture
Dressed-Up furniture series. Prices from £280 for a stool, from £840 for tables and cabinets

Seonyoung KWON

Seonyoung Kwon is a designer working principally with wool fabrics. Kwon applies hand-cutting and felting methods to wool to create new applications that range from light shades to cushions and seamless clothing.

Seonyoung Kwon lighting and cushion
Lighting (lampshade), wool, 30 x 50 cm, from £122; Fabric cushion, wool, 50 x 60cm, from £50

Ilhoon ROH

Ilhoon Roh is a trained architect and designer. His furniture and lighting designs reflect architectural qualities whilst focusing on experimental techniques and materials.

Ilhoon Roh light and table
D Light, LED ceiling lamp, 100 x 100 x 39cm, from £1,000; Ramus M1 table, laser-cut stainless steel, 200 x 80 x 76cm, from £2,200

Kiseung LEE

Kiseung Lee founded the product and concept design studio, Studio Inbetween, in 2010. His light ‘One piece of lamp’ is made of a single plywood board. Uniform cuts in the board transform the one-dimensional plane to a three-dimensional geometric form. The property of the material allows production in different sizes and myriad shapes. The sustainable manufacturing process minimises the use of parts and adhesives.

Kiseung Lee lamps
One piece of lamp, PVC and plywood, 324 x 324 x 550 mm, 542 x 242 x 450 mm. Prices from £160

Mars Hwasung YOO

Mars Hwasung Yoo set up the independent design studio BYMARS, based in Stockholm. He works primarily in product design, focusing on everyday objects in playful shapes.

Mars Hwasung Yoo lamps
CAP desk lamp, PET aluminium, max height 101cm; HAT ceiling light, polyester textile and 3D-tex, 750 x 800 x 400cm, from £180


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