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One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy: Art in Residence at NEO Bankside

This year, we have begun to see Korean art exhibited in more imaginative venues. Not the white cubes or the formal commercial or public galleries, but places where you can imagine artworks actually living and breathing: in a domestic space, or in an office reception. From Albemarle’s Korean Art show at Moor House to ISKAI’s private exhibtion at 16 Stafford Terrace, we’ve been seeing seeing Korean art in a living environment.

And here’s another one, in one of London’s newest prestige addresses, right by Tate Modern:

New Re-visions: Art in Residence at Neo Bankside

NEO Bankside, Pavilion C, 70 Holland Street, London SE1 9JT
Open from 10th October until 10th November 2012.
Visits by appointment only, please email [email protected]

Launching during Frieze, ‘New Re-Visions’ is a six month season of curatorial projects, each month showcasing a new constellation of international contemporary artists. Exhibiting in the newest and most exciting of London landmarks, the NEO Bankside, House of the Nobleman seeks to introduce both new and established talents to the city’s thriving cultural landscape, opening the residential property to artistic interventions.

Curatorial Projects:

  • Continental Living, curated by Nadim Samman
  • One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy, curated by Sunhee Choi and Jari Lager
  • Archaeology of Desire featuring Adrien Sina
  • Ryan & Trevor Oaks and Margo Trushina, curated by Anastasiya Siro
  • Holton Rower, curated by Simon Sakhai
  • Matthew Stone and Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich, curated by Kathy Grayson

One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy

Seahyun Lee

Choi and Lager are proud to present an exhibition that brings together paintings sculptures, photography and video art of 5 emblematic artists of Korean Contemporary Art. Participating artists have already been recognized through international institutions and art events such as the Venice Biennale. You are invited to look at some of the issues of today’s society through the eyes of the artists and find out how they have visualized such reflections through their work.

The House of the Nobleman, Native Land and Grosvenor are pleased to launch the first instalment of The New Vision: Art in Residence at Neo Bankside. opening 10th of October 2012 to the public during the Frieze Art Fair. London’s newest and most iconic residential development, Neo Bankside, deisgned by Rogers Stirk Habour + Partners, will play host to
the stars of tomorrow: artists, curators and galleries alike have been invited to exhibit and create a range of contemporary art works in the garden and upper floors of Neo, overlooking the Tate Modern and the River Thames.

About House of the Nobleman

Established in 2010 by Russian curator Victoria Golembiovs kaya, House of the Nobleman is a London-based art advisory and professional consulting practice fortified by a global network of private collectors, galleries, artists and professional aavisors. Their work ranges in scope from large scale curatorial projects and events to art and design sourcing for private and corporate clients. building brand awareness through art related sponsorship as well as impelementing art residency and educational programming.

About the artists

Hyungkoo Lee

The artist behind cartoon character skeletons (Animatus, the 52nd Venice Biennale 2007) and devices designed to ‘enlarge’ body parts (The Objectuals, the 52nd Venice Biennale) is back with a series of reconstructed skulls, transformed to depict a whole new face, different from the one it was cast from. Keeping in line with the medical and analytic approach of the human body, HyungKoo Lee explores through this new series “Face Trace” the techniques of scientific investigation.

Xooang Choi

Hyperrealism for Xooang Choi is not the means to impress the public by its meticulous representation of nature – although none the less impressive in terms of technical execution – nor an attempt to shock by its grotesque depiction of anatomical details. but an illusion created by the artist to make us believe that what is suggested in his work is something that is likely to exist in real life. We are invited to relate to his figures and feel what they could be feeling had they been more than a mere combination of materials.

Hyunjin Baik

An artist and musician who dedicates at least 10 hours a day to his work, and whose naming process takes nights after nights of reflection in front of each canvas until one single title seems ‘right’. HyunJin Baik cannot resist the urge to create even though it may drain him of all his energy. Once inspiration sparks, it systematically requires a certain form of execution, whether it is music or painting.

Seahyun Lee

The sea where the artist has scattered the ashes of his departed mother has long lost its original coastline due to industrial mutilation in the name of progress and profit. At first a powerfully visual panorama. Seahyun Lee’s blood red landscape is. in fact, a collection of places and moments incorporated into the vast natural cluster of rocks and trees. The fairy tale details of the work invite the audience to take a step closer and discover what is almost hidden or lost in the landscape.

Yongbaek Lee

YongBaek Lee’s rather politically tinted works of art are a fine combination of an aesthetically pleasing image with the underlying strong philosophical reflection. Best known for the happy contradiction of the “Angel Soldier” series (the Venice Biennale 2011) where happiness is found when flowers blossom there where bullets once split the air, a more recent project consists of people taking turns to drag along a huge folder, the ones you can find on a computer’s desktop, with the sole aid of rugged logs.


(automatically generated) Read LKL’s review of this event here.

One thought on “One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy: Art in Residence at NEO Bankside

  1. CLOSING PARTY – “One Must Imagine Sysiphus Happy”

    Friday, November 9th 2012 7 – 11 pm

    Sunhee Choi and Jari Lager have the pleasure of inviting you to the closing party of our show “One Must Imagine Sysiphus Happy” hosted by the House Of The Nobleman on the 20th floor, C building at NEO Bankside, next to the Tate Modern Gallery. Our party will start from 7pm and conclude at 11pm. Light food and drinks will be provided.

    Please rsvp to [email protected] Sunhee Choi and Jari Lager

    NEO Bankside Buildings Pavillion C Tower 20th Floor (sign in at reception) 70 Holland Street, London SE1 9NX (Near TATE Turbine Hall)

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