Screening: One Fine Day | 화창한 날 – a short film on the life of a Korean artist living in London

This looks like a really interesting project. One of the organisers of this screening, Daeun Dani Kim of Alpha Art Association, describes it as “A short film on the life of a Korean artist living in London. Unpretentious and surprisingly humourous!” But watching the trailer below is really disorienting. You’re used to seeing films about […]

Tesco rides Psy-driven K-food sales increase

Tesco, the UK’s biggest supermarket chain, who via Homeplus is also Korea’s second-biggest retailer, has been making cautious, very cautious, steps into selling Korean food in the UK. They marked the launch of the Korea-EU Free Trade Agreement last year by stocking some Korean food in one of its UK outlets. Yes, just one. For […]

Futurology in Korean Studies: hell in a handcart or hallyu heaven? LKL reports from the 2012 BAKS conference

The annual BAKS Conference on 17 November ambitiously attempted to look into the crystal ball to see what the Korean peninsula might look like in 20 years time. To help in that crystal ball gazing, the list of speakers included some non-Koreanists in a valuable initiative to introduce specialists to provide a different perspective. The […]

Book Review: Martin Limón — Mr Kill

Martin Limón: Mr Kill Soho Crime, 2011, 375pp Damn. He’s never done this before. This is Martin Limón’s 7th novel in his exciting, action-packed series featuring George Sueño and Ernie Bascom, investigators in the military police attached to the US 8th Army in 1970s Seoul Although the novels have been written over the course of […]

Exhibition news: Phobia – at Hanmi Gallery

Hanmi Gallery presents its 14th “interim” exhibition. Camden Council are sure taking their time in granting planning permission… Come on guys, what you need in Maple Street is a nice art gallery. Phobia Artists: Alexis Milne | Erik Bendix | Joey Holder | Ole Hagen | Sangjin Kim | Shauba Chang | Woon Zung Preview: […]

PSY vs the generic K-pop girls

PSY has thrashed the lot of them when it comes to YouTube views. And now he’s up against KARA, SiSTAR and 4Minute in the Soju Wars. According to Koreabang, Jinro’s Chamiseul outsells Lotte’s Cheoeum Cheoreom by almost 3 to 1. PSY has now signed up to promote Jinro, while Hara, Hyolyn and HyunA have just […]