Grace Yeo performs at the Purcell Room

A recital by pianist Grace Yeo, award winner of the Martin Musical Scholarship Fund, who recently had her debut at the Wigmore Hall. The recital is at the Purcell Room on Monday 3 Dec 2012 at 7:45pm. Admission is FREE but ticketed – call FREEPHONE 0800 652 6717 to reserve your free tickets. Programme: Brahms: […]

Ko Un featured in the Guardian

Korean poetry in translation isn’t much featured on the web anywhere, so when a major UK broadsheet features Ko Un, Korea’s most famous poet, together with his Cornish translator Brother Anthony, it is a cause for celebration. The Guardian has a nice piece on his appearance at the Aldeburgh poetry festival (3-4 November), which is […]

The presidential election: a fascinating race (part 2)

The fascinating race continues! The latest news from the South Korean presidential election campaign is the potential alliance between the liberal Democratic United Party candidate, Moon Jae-in, and independent candidate Ahn Cheol-soo. This joining of forces would pose a serious threat to conservative candidate Park Geun-hye, who has led in the polls for some time. […]

Three Gates – a brief group exhibition at Hanmi Gallery

Hanmi Gallery’s 13th interim exhibition: Three Gates ARTISTS: ANDREW CAMPBELL, ALESSANDRA FERRINI, JUYOUNG LEE EVA LIS, HANAE UTAMURA, NASTJA RONKKO CURATORS: LIVIA DUBON, SEIHEE SHON 15TH NOVEMBER – 17TH NOVEMBER 2012 PREVIEW WEDNESDAY, 14TH NOVEMBER 2012, 6 – 9PM HANMI GALLERY is pleased to announce its 13th interim exhibition, ‘Three Gates.’ Mythical gateways into other […]

The Defector: Escape from North Korea — a new documentary to screen at IDFA Amsterdam

Last year the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam featured the moving South Korean documentary Planet of Snail. This year the interest is north of the border, with a new documentary on North Korean defectors by award-winning film-maker Ann Shin. The Defector: Escape from North Korea Ann Shin, Canada, 2012, color, HDcam, 71′ THE DEFECTOR: […]

“Arirang” looks to be safeguarded at UNESCO for (South) Korea

After last year’s scare that China was laying claim to Arirang, Korea’s most famous folk-song, it looks like UNESCO will soon be listing it as part of Korea’s intangible heritage (source: Korea Times / Cultural Heritage Administration). But the song, which is loved throughout the peninsula and in Korean communities elsewhere, is to be registered […]

Festival Film Review: The Grand Heist – a lightweight, fun caper movie, but not for grown-ups

If films require a minimum age classification so that youngsters are not harmed by seeing adult material, shouldn’t there also be a maximum age classification system to warn adults that they are going to be watching material designed for juveniles? If The Grand Heist, billed as a Joseon dynasty Ocean’s Eleven1, had such a classification, […]