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LKL Quiz of the Year 2012

We gave it a rest last year, but we’ve brought it back for 2012: the LKL Quiz of the Year, featuring some of the top celebrity stories of the year, as well as one or two from the business and cultural pages. Some, but not all, of these stories might have been featured on LKL this year.

Watermelon shot

1 (a) Who said Lee Myung Bak was running a “watermelon economy” and (b) what did they mean?

Multiple choice answer for part (b). Select one of

(i) It’s cool when everything around is hot
(ii) It’s full of annoying pips, but otherwise just what you need
(iii) It’s green on the outside but red on the inside

2 Which celebrity divorcee has had a part of a Brazilian rainforest named after them?
3 Which royal thinker is considered one of the top “Fifty Key Thinkers on Language and Linguistics”, according to British publisher Routledge?
4 Which famous Korean Olympian appeared in a US mathematics textbook?
5 What connects a Norwegian pop group to North Korea?
6 Why was it a problem when an idol band said they only had KRW 7,000, and which band was it?
7 This year some celebrities had toys made in their image. The replicas may or may not have been authorised by the celeb or their management companies. So which celebs had the following likenesses made:
(a) barbie dolls
(b) novelty cuddly toys of the sort that you might find in a fairground toy grabber?
Toy grabber
8 Whose song came under fire from male rights activists?
9 Who was the first Korean woman to get 1 million Twitter followers?
10 Which music industry veteran gave away free coffees to their fans?

And the tie-breaker: Which E J-Yong film is the watermelon shot at the top of this page taken from?

Answers will be published on 7 January.

Happy Christmas, and have fun.

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