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Kimchee To Go: two K-food takeaways coming soon to Central London

Kimchee-120The staff at the KCC have been getting excited about this for a while, and now the opening date is getting nearer: Kimchee, the popular Korean restaurant in Holborn affiliated to the Wasabi Japanese food chain, is opening two takeaways, one at 388 Strand WC2 (near Covent Garden) on 2 April, and the other at 106 New Oxford St WC1 (near Centre Point) on 22 April. Kimbap, bulgogi and more. Source: Hot Dinners

And here’s a couple of photos of the exterior of the 106 New Oxford Street:

2 thoughts on “Kimchee To Go: two K-food takeaways coming soon to Central London

  1. Dear LKL – on this topic, a guest on an Arirang radio show said that in England you cannot have traditional Korean barbeque restaurants due to health and safety codes that ban on-table fires. Is that true?

    LOL – a horrorshow if it is.

  2. Not true. It has to be said that the vast majority of BBQ places use gas as it’s far easier than charcoal. And Westminster Council enforced a requirement that such tabletop grills had to be compliant with some EU standard or other, and that meant that some restaurants chose to do BBQ in the kitchen rather than invest in EU compliant tabletop gas grills. But out in the burbs I’ve had proper charcoal BBQ, and I think it was legal.

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