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The Good Friday transatlantic K-blog meetup

9 o’clock in the morning on the Good Friday bank holiday at a Hammersmith coffee shop might not seem the likeliest place for a K-blog meetup. But Roy Ghim, from the Tavern of the Taekguk Warriors, a US-based Korean football site, had just arrived at Heathrow and was on his way into town. And as Hammersmith is both on the direct route to Central London and just across the river from LKL Towers, it was a convenient spot for both of us before we got on with our weekends.

Roy Ghim

Roy is in the UK for a long weekend to try to interview as many Korean Premier League and Championship footballers as he can – hopefully for the New York Times football blog (check out his most recent post here). He’ll also be meeting with LKL contributor Aashish Gadhvi. Welcome to the UK, Roy, and thanks for bringing the Spring weather with you. Be sure to send us a link to the final article.

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