K-music focus forum at the KCC

To warm you up for the festival of Korean music coming up during June, a panel of speakers will talk about Korean music at the KCC on 21 March at 7pm. It’s particularly nice to see Songlines on the panel. John Lusk from that magazine did a great article on Kim Duk-soo and other Korean musicians back in May 2008.

As usual, registration is necessary.

The K-Music Focus Forum, featuring distinguished experts in the field of music, will be held at 7pm on the 21st May at the Korean Cultural Centre UK.

K-Music focus forum

As part of the K-Music 2013 Festival to take place in June, the forum will explore the ever-changing face of Korean music, both past and present. Topics will include everything from pansori (a vocal art often referred to as Korean opera) and comparisons to Western opera, the challenges faced by Korean musicians in their effort to go global, the present state of hallyu (Korean Wave), and developments in the live performance sector.

There will be five speakers present at the forum, including David Jones, Director of Serious; Max Reinhardt, presenter at BBC Radio 3; Ben Mandelson, music producer and founding Director of WOMEX; Edwina Mukasa, music journalist; and Simon Broughton, editor of The Songlines. The forum will also include a Q&A session where participants will have the chance to ask speakers questions about Korean music’s past, present and future. There will also be a post-forum reception with Korean dishes and drinks available for all guests.

For more information, please visit http://www.kccuk.org.uk

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