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Madame Freedom: “Analogue Body dances with digital video”

This combination of film and performance looks fascinating. “Analogue Body dances with digital video” comments the Hankyoreh. Two brief videos give a flavour of what to expect.

Madame Freedom

Performance dates
Tue 20 Aug, 8:00pm
Wed 21 Aug, 8:00pm

YMAP (Your Media Arts Project)

Hyo Jin Kim Choreographer and director
Hyung Su Kim Art director
Sooyoung Moon Music director
Taesup Lee Set designer

Hyo Jin Kim Dancer
Heung Nam Kim Dancer

Madame Freedom (image credit YMAP)

A two-dimensional, cinematic black-and-white woman of yesteryear struggles to break free of the social, economic and political straitjacket of the time, while a three-dimensional woman of here and now struggles to what…? Break free…? Of what…? When the unfulfilled soul of a fictional woman surges down through the years to infuse a living and breathing woman with longing what happens, and, truly, how free is free?

A stunning and stirring fusion of live performance, fantastical filmed imagery and innovative digital technology, Madame Freedom dances with the classic Korean film of the 1950s of the same name, as well as with themes of identity, myth, and a sense of being trapped by the past. It tells the story of an ordinary woman and her dreams – of different lives, of different selves – and the choices that she can or cannot make.

Supported by Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Korea Creative Content Agency
Korean Cultural Centre UK
Korea Arts Management Service

And some stills, courtesy of YMAP:

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