Bongsu Park and Jae-Bum Myoung: Lineage, at Blackhorse Lane Studios

A brief exhibition near Blackhorse Road station:

Lineage: Bongsu Park and Jae-Bum Myoung

Private viewing 3rd October 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition 4th until 6th October 1pm – 5pm

Lineage graphic

Location: 114 Blackhorse Lane, E17 6AA

Park Bong-Su and Myoung Jae-Bum are two Korean artists who share a fascination for the meeting of line and form.

This joint exhibition is an exploration of line as symbol.

London-based Park Bongsu follows life lines that come from and merge into ovoid shapes.
She seeks to follow a course of embryonic growth from seed to egg, from line to form.
French-based Myoung Jae-Bum traces the movement of his body in the landscape.
The two artists try to connect elements together (heaven and earth, life and death) using lines and almost imperceptible strokes.

Bongsu Park: Idea Sketch (2013)
Bongsu Park: Idea Sketch (2013). Pencil on Paper

Bongsu Park completed her MA at the Slade School of Art in 2013. In Korea and Japan, her early interest in photography blossomed to incorporate other media. Her diverse education includes studying at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux where she developed her work thorough a diverse range of media, including video and installation. More recently, she has collaborated with a number of choreographers to integrate dance into her video works as well as live performances, including Platform 1 at Camden Arts Centre in London. Now London based, she has exhibited internationally. What unifies her work is a sustained and developing interest in the cycle of life: the fundamental questions of birth and death, growth and decay.

Jae-Bum Myoung: I draw between the sky and the earth (2009)
Jae-Bum Myoung: I draw between the sky and the earth (2009). Performance / photograph

Jae-Bum Myoung studied Fine Art at Dankook University in Korea and at Ecole Supérieure d’Art in Grenoble, France. He has had exhibitions in Lyon, Grenoble, Paris, Toulouse, Bergerac, as well as in Korea. He has done residences in Pont-Aven and in Dompierre-sur-bebre where he had solo exhibitions. He is now living in France near Clermont-ferrand where he practices art and has had numerous solo exhibitions.


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