November events 2013

Super Junior - at Wembley this month
Super Junior – at Wembley this month

Film, Jazz, K-pop, and of course the State Visit this month.

State Visit

  • Among the many duties to be performed by President Park on her state visit on 5-6 November will be a ground-breaking ceremony for a new Korean War memorial
  • Coinciding with the State Visit, KOTRA are holding a Korean Branding and Entertainment Expo at Old Billingsgate 4-6 November, which includes a live performance from 2NE1 as well as a holographic performance from PSY.


  • The London Korean Film Festival contains many highlights too numerous to mention, before moving on to Oxford, Bradford and St Andrews
  • The East Winds Film Festival in Coventry lasts until 3 November
  • Screenings from the Ha Jung-woo season at the KCC have yet to be announced.


Talks and conferences

  • The DPRK ambassador to the UK talks in Cambridge on 4 November
  • The Korea-UK Forum on the Peaceful Unification of Korea is on 19 November
  • SOAS evening seminars examine the role of the army in the North Korean economy (15 November), the collection of Koryo dynasty artefacts in the late 19th / early 20th centuries (22 Nov) and the name(s) of God (29 Nov)



  • Meekyoung Shin’s solo exhibition at the KCC starts on 11 November
  • Her solo show, Archetype, finishes at Sumarria Lunn on 8 November
  • Her group show, Heritage Reinvented, finishes at Tryon Street on 22 November
  • And you can still see her Duke of Cumberland in Cavendish Square.
  • The Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo is home of a three-day media art exhibition, Crytsallize, curated by Stephanie Seungmin Kim
  • Kim Minae’s Thoughts on Habit are at HADA Contemporary all month
  • Kim Dok-hi’s Reflections are at Mokspace until 12 November
  • Yun Sungfeel and Kim Shinwook are in a group show at Hanmi Gallery from 13 November
  • Oak Jungho is at 43 Inverness Street till 9 November – well worth a visit


One thought on “November events 2013

  1. One more in London:

    –Chan-wook Parks Vengeance Trilogy, Prince Charles Cinema, London, UK (November 15, 2013)

    and two elsewhere:

    — 감시자들 (Gamsijadeul/Cold Eyes, South Korea, 2013) at the Leeds Film Festival
    — 누구의 딸도 아닌 해원 (Nuguui ttaldo anin Haewon/Nobody’s Daughter Haewon, South Korea, 2013), Derby Quad, Derby, UK (November 26-28, 2013)

    You are always ahead of me, time wise, with posting!

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