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Kim Yuna’s Lark of Emergency and other popular classics

Browsing in the Hankyoreh yesterday I came across some charming pictures of Queen Yuna. This particular one, with the famous yellow logo on the CD cover …

Yuna with DG CD
Image source: Hankyoreh

… got me googling for Deutsche Grammophon compilations of Kim’s backing tracks. And I came across this:

Queen on Ice

Scrolling down to the tracklist I find that the label hasn’t been too careful in its translation of the Korean track names back into English:

Lark tracklist

You can understand how the first happened, as Fledermaus = Bat. But how does “Ascending”, translated into Korean and back, become “of Emergency”?

4 thoughts on “Kim Yuna’s Lark of Emergency and other popular classics

  1. No wonder she’s pulling that face! Still, a lovely collection especially since it has Barber’s famous ‘Present for Adagio’ ㅋㅋㅋ

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