Kim Young-ha rounds off the Korea Market Focus events in London

Kim Young-ha (centre) with Daniel Hahn (r)
Kim Young-ha (centre) with Daniel Hahn (r) and interpreter Chu Yuna

The final event of the Korea Market Focus of London Book Fair 2014 took place last night at the London Review Bookshop near the British Museum – a fascinating and engaging conversation between Kim Young-ha and young British writer, editor and translator Daniel Hahn.

Kim is off to Brasilia this weekend for another book event before returning home to Busan. But before he left he was kind enough to give me a pocket-sized edition of his first novel, I Have the Right to Destroy Myself. I now have to resume my Korean classes so that I can read it.

Kim Young-ha: I have the right to destroy myself
How to store such a tiny book on a bookshelf?

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