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DJ Joonki’s K-pop mash-up

DJ Joonki in action on 12 August at the KCC
DJ Joonki in action on 12 August at the KCC

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the opening event of the Korean Artists Association residency on 12 August, here’s the DJ set from Joonki, via his YouTube channel. He was only alotted 5 minutes, but did pretty well to cover 30 years of K-pop. I’d like to hear something a bit longer next time.

And here’s the tracklist:

Cho Young Pil – 어제 오늘 그리고 내일 (1985)
Nami – 빙글빙글 (1984)
Yi Son Hwe – 아 옛날이여 (1985)
Kim Hyeon Shik – 비처럼 음악처럼 (1986)
Choi Ho Seop – 세월이 가면 (1988)
Cho Deok Bae – 그대 내맘에 들어오면 (1989)
Kim Min Woo – 입영열차 안에서 (1990)
Cho Kwan Woo – 님은 먼 곳에 (1995)
Seo Taiji – 난 알아요 (1992)
Baechiji (feat AG 성은) – 기억 (2006)
Taeyang – 이것만은 알고 가 (Before U Go) (2011)
Dynamic Duo – 그림에 떡 (2009)
G-Slow (feat. The Quiett & Dok2) – Dreamality (2009)
The Quiett & Make Sense – Badd Habit (2011)
G Dragon – One of a Kind (2012)
CL – 나쁜 기집애 (2013)
MFBTY – Sweet Dream (2013)
2NE1- I am the best (2011)
Girls Generation – I got a boy (2013)
PSY – Gangnam Style (2012)

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