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Mansudae Artists to visit London from DPRK in November

The artists with David Heather in front of Kim Song Min's 'Sculpture Workers'
L to R: People’s Artist Kim Song Min; David Heather; Merit Artist Pak Hyo Song; People’s Artist Son U Yong. Behind: Kim Song Min’s “Sculpture Workers” (Watercolour) – at the exhibition of Mansudae artists in London, 2007. Photo: Alan Roxborough

Some readers may remember the ground-breaking exhibition of work by artists from Pyongyang’s Mansudae Art Studios opposite the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall way back in 2007. As part of that exhibition, three North Korean artists came to London to greet visitors to the gallery. Here’s some of LKL’s coverage of the exhibition.

David Heather, who masterminded that unique event, tells LKL that he will be building on his earlier success by presenting new work by Mansudae artists in an exhibition to be held in London in November this year. This time, up to eight Merited and People’s artists will be in residence in London. While in residence here, they will also be creating new work. Ever thought of owning your own unique piece of North Korean Art? “The artists will be available to paint either traditional Korean paintings for individuals or collectors or individual commissions e.g. portraits,” says Heather. It is also foreseen that the artists will do one large collaborative piece.

Watch this space for details of dates and venue. In the meanwhile, here’s a reminder of some of the artworks from last time.

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