Sungfeel Yun solo show at Hanmi Gallery, from 29 September

Hanmi Gallery is now up to its 38th Interim Exhibition:. Note that the artist will be giving a talk at the gallery, Thursday 9 October, 7-9pm.

Sungfeel Yun: Fields of Immersion

Hanmi Gallery | 30 Maple Street | London W1T 6HA |
Monday to Saturday 12pm to 6pm

Sungfeel Yun, Energy 10, 2014
Sungfeel Yun, Energy 10, 2014, Stainless Steel, Bolts and Nuts, 45 x 45 x 20 cm

Hanmi Gallery is proud to present Sungfeel Yun’s solo exhibition‭ ‬“Fields of Immersion”‭. ‬Based in London since 2008‭, ‬Korean-born artist Sungfeel Yun has united his collection of conclusions about the interrelations‭ ‬between art‭, ‬spirituality‭, ‬and theoretical science in his latest exhibition at Hanmi Gallery‭. ‬Materialising an essence of density and cosmic energy in his paintings and sculptures‭, ‬physical matter on the surface of his paintings and modular forms transmits‭ ‬invisible electromagnetic forces to the audience and pulsates through the exhibition space‭, ‬delivering the title to his latest‭ ‬show—“Fields of Immersion”‭.‬

“Fields of Immersion”‭ ‬encompasses a range of Yun’s works that are bound together by the theme of revolution—cosmic revolution and the revolution of life in the scale of the human mind‭. ‬With a profound and complex understanding of the balance between the obscure and the graspable perceptions of invisible forces‭, ‬Yun embraces the universe and offers the audience tranquillity in chaos‭; ‬stillness in movement‭; ‬and immensity in visual forms in his final solo show in London after 6‭ ‬years of work here‭.‬

In his artwork‭, ‬Yun explores the connection between the theoretical sciences‭, ‬such as string theory and quantum mechanics‭, ‬and Eastern philosophies‭. ‬By incorporating rotating magnets‭, ‬motors‭, ‬and action sensors in his‭ ‬Chaos‭, ‬Cosmos and Circulation‭ ‬Series‭; ‬structures reminscient of topological forms in his‭ ‬Energy‭ ‬Series‭, ‬Yun opens a dialogue between physical science and aesthetics‭, ‬bridging these seemingly contradicting ideas through artistic expression‭. ‬The full circle motif he employs is more than a visual representation of the cyclic nature of creation and destruction—the Yin and Yang in Taoism and Buddhism‭, ‬but a conscious contemplation of spiritual and physical laws from within and without the self and the cosmos‭.‬

His works are minimal and perfectly harmonious‭, ‬his thoughts expressed with distilled clarity‭. ‬He states‭: ‬“I avoid redundancy and superfluousness in visualizing my ideas‭, ‬as visual flamboyance often cloud my ideas within the works‭. ‬My‭ ‬works are concise records of my self-exploration‭, ‬and my thoughts on the universe‭.‬”‭ ‬The simple yet deeply powerful cyclic motif fluctuates in the minds of the audience with the vastness of infinitely expanding and contracting two-dimensional planes in all directions‭, ‬confronting the audience with the artist’s and their own existence in this universe‭.‬

Sungfeel Yun completed his MFA in Sculpture at the Slade in 2013‭ ‬following an Art Practice BA from Goldsmiths‭. ‬He was awarded the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize‭, ‬Special Commendation‭, ‬North Devon‭, ‬E.K‭. ‬in 2013‭. ‬He has been included in the 2013‭ ‬New Sensation‭, ‬50‭ ‬Long List by the Saatchi Gallery and selected as one of the 40‭ ‬artists for the Catlin Guide 2014‭. ‬His solo exhibitions‭ ‬include Chaos‭, ‬Cosmos and Circulation at Pyo Gallery‭, ‬Seoul‭ (‬2012‭), ‬Looking at The real world from within The real world‭, ‬Zaha‭ ‬Museum‭, ‬Seoul‭ (‬2012‭), ‬and an exhibition with the same name at sketch‭, ‬London‭ (‬2014‭). ‬He has also participated in a number of group exhibitions including the 2013‭ ‬Broomhill National Sculpture Prize‭, ‬North Devon‭, ‬UK and 4482‭ ‬Map Korea‭, ‬Barge House‭, ‬London‭ (‬2012‭). ‬Yun lives and works in London and Seoul‭.

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