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Korean crafts at Collect 2015

For the third successive year, the Korea Craft and Design Foundation will be hosting the work of several artisans on its stall at Collect. Gallery LVS, who have been at Collect for at least as long as KCDF, will also be there. On the top floor of the gallery, Korean artisans and designers Soojin Kang and Seoyoon Kim will be exhibiting.

In a nice touch, the Collect 2015’s home page image is of last year’s KCDF stall, featuring the lacquerware of Chung Haecho which has been collected by both the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Collect 2015

COLLECT: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects
Saatchi Gallery | Duke Of York’s HQ | King’s Road | London SW3 4RY |
8 – 11 May 2015

Collect website front page

COLLECT, presented by the Crafts Council, returns to the Saatchi Gallery, London from 8 -11 May 2015. Tickets £12 in advance. [Book tickets here]

COLLECT is a chance to buy world-class, museum-quality contemporary craft from 35 international galleries each representing established and emerging artists, including:

Korea Craft and Design Foundation

Rhythm of the Red Luster 1403, Haecho Chung, 2014.
Rhythm of the Red Luster 1403, Haecho Chung, 2014. Represented at COLLECT by Korea Craft Design Foundation. Photo: Woojin Park

Korea Craft Design Foundation aims to promote South Korean craft and design at an international level. KCDF champions artists whose work translates the rich heritage of South Korean craftsmanship into contemporary practice. KCDF presents the finest works from both master artisans and emerging talents new to a European audience. For COLLECT 2015, KCDF will showcase many new artists and artworks whilst welcoming enquiries regarding artists shown in previous years.

Designers and craftsmen exhibiting are Yeonsoon Chang, textiles | Yongwon Cho, wood | Haecho Chung, natural lacquer | Sejin Bae, ceramics | Kwangwoo Kim, ceramics | Hwayoon Kim, ceramics | Joon-yong Kim, glass | Kangkyo Lee, ceramics | Seongkeun Jeon, ceramics | Joohyung Park, metal | Haelim Shin, jewellery

Gallery LVS

Re_formed, Jeong Won Lee, 2014.
Re_formed, Jeong Won Lee, 2014. Represented at COLLECT by Gallery LVS. Photo: the artist and Gallery LVS

Gallery LVS with LVS CRAFT is a pioneer in contemporary ceramic arts and crafts, especially the modern white porcelain that follows the Joseon dynasty’s tradition. The noble modesty and virtue of Joseon porcelains is transformed into a contemporary sensitivity and utility, with perfect artisanship.

Designers and craftsmen exhibiting are Deok Ho Kim, ceramics | Sung Chul Kim, ceramics | In Hwa Lee, ceramics | Jae Jun Lee, ceramics | Jeong Won Lee, ceramics | Min Soo Lee, ceramics | Jung Hong Park, ceramics | Kyungtaek Roh, wood/furniture

Soojin Kang

The Waves In The Breeze, Soojin Kang, 2015.
The Waves In The Breeze, Soojin Kang, 2015. COLLECT Open exhibitor. Photo: Markus Schroder

The Waves In The Breeze is a hand-woven installation highlighting emotional sustainability via traditional craftsmanship and natural materials, which contributes to the sustainable contemporary craft arts.

Seoyoon Kim

Bending Bowl, Seoyoon Kim, 2014.
Bending Bowl, Seoyoon Kim, 2014. COLLECT Open exhibitor. Photo: KC studio

Self-proclaimed metal craftsman, Seoyoon Kim finds inspiration from material and process. She believes in the importance of balancing between functionality and aesthetic value in design, and wanted to make tableware like a sculpture. It takes a very patient and artistic intuition to make such well balanced structure entirely by hand and the resulting lightweight architectural tableware is her signature piece.

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