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August events 2015

Shan Hur: Broken Pillar #12 (2015)
Shan Hur: Broken Pillar #12 (2015). Concrete-finishing: marbling plate; gloss. H 360 cm, 250 kg.
Copyright of the artist, courtesy of Gazelli Art House

This is a busy month…


  • We’re already well into Kingston Welcomes Korea, which lasts until 8 August. A schedule of events can be found here.
  • The KTO and KCC have combined to put on a big event in Trafalgar Square, 9 August. Full details here.
  • The Edinburgh Fringe has at least seven Korean performance troupes in town for the duration. Full details here.
  • If you’re planning that far ahead, the K-Music Festival starts on 1 September

Note that the Korean festival that used to be held on the Fairfield Recreation Ground in Kingston as near as possible to August 15th seems to have died a death.



Everything else

  • Jang Jin is the director of the month at the KCC. Guns & Talks on 13 August and Someone Special (with Tony Rayns introduction) on 27 August
  • The TV Drama pilot episodes screening on 6 August are The Three Musketeers and Healer
  • The KCC’s Korean Literature Night on 26 August will discuss Shin Kyung-sook’s I’ll be right there. I’ve twice tried – and failed – to get past the first 30 pages of this book. Maybe this is the incentive I need to try again.

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