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Roger Law’s Art and Seoul on Radio 4 this week


A couple of months ago I spent an hour in a BBC studio with ceramic artist Roger Law (whom many UK readers will remember as one half of the Spitting Image team). The subject – Korea. Roger Law had already done a well-received quirky radio series on China and this was to be his Korean follow-up.

Thanks to Grey Skipwith of Skipwiths gallery for putting Roger in touch with me. I passed on the favour, by putting Roger in touch with Darren Southcott of the Jeju Weekly, who I’m guessing appears in episode 4.

The show is being broadcast this week, 5 x 15 minute episodes, at 1:45pm. The episodes feature the following topics:

  1. Roger Law discovers how Korean potters became so skilled at ceramics.
  2. Seoul is the place to go for anyone who wants plastic surgery, and Roger Law wants to know why.
  3. Roger Law visits the “Hollywood of Seoul” to find out how their movies get made.
  4. Roger visits the island of Jeju, home to a remarkable selection of unusual museums.
  5. In the last in the series, Roger tries some Korean food for Christmas Day.

I don’t remember talking to Roger about movies, but I think we touched on all the other topics, so I really don’t really want to listen to these programmes as there’s a fair chance I’ll hear my voice on at least one of them.

You can listen to the episodes you’ve missed on iPlayer.


2 thoughts on “Roger Law’s Art and Seoul on Radio 4 this week

  1. What was the music used in these programs? It was amazing but can’t find any details anywhere. Really enjoyed the programmes.

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