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2016 travel diary: the index

Cho Ui at Daeheungsa temple, Haenam-gun
Cho Ui at Daeheungsa temple, Haenam-gun
Thu 12 –
Fri 13
Sat 14
Sun 15
Mon 16
Tue 17
Wed 18
Thu 19
Fri 20
  • Haenam: Yun Seon-do’s museum
  • The Scholar’s Garden #2: Dasan’s place of exile in Gangjin
  • Gwangju: The 5.18 National Cemetery
  • The scenic sites of Gwangju and Damyang
  • The Scholar’s Garden #3: The Soswaewon
Sat 21
  • Gwangju: Wonhyosa
  • Gurye: Tea making with the RASKB
  • Hwaeomsa and the return to Sancheong
Sun 22
  • The Jinju tea culture festival
  • Haejangguk in Pimatgol
Mon 23
  • Insadong: the Tteok museum

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