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Conference news: 5th Korean Screen Culture Conference

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The 5th Korean Screen Culture Conference will be held at King College London on 3-4 June. With six sessions each containing two parallel panels there are some tough choices to be made.

The provisional programme is shown below – a very full agenda indeed. Updates and further information can be found on the Kings College website.

Time Event
Curtain-raiser: Thursday 2 June
7pm-9.30pm London Korean Film Festival: Teaser Screening #2
The Priests (Jang, Jae-hyun, 2015) @ Picturehouse Central

With introduction by Jinhee Choi.
Day 1: Friday, 03 June 2016
9.00-9.30 Registration (K0.31, King’s Building)
9.30-10.45 Plenary (Safra Lecture Theatre, King’s Building)
Professor Kim, Kyung Hyun (University of California, Irvine)
“Dividuated Cinema: Temporality in Recent Korean Blockbuster Films”
10.45-11.00 Coffee Break (K-1.14, King’s Building)
11.00-12.30 Panel 1. Chair: Jinhee Choi (S-1.04, Strand Building)
[K-pop: Performance, Fandom and Discourse]

  • Han, Ae Jin (PhD student, Sussex)
    “The Mediatised Performance of K-Pop in Remediation”
  • Shin, Layoung (Postdoc, UCSD)
    “K-Pop, Fandom, and Same-Sex Sexuality among Young Women”
  • Sung, Sang-Yeon Loise (Lecturer, U of Vienna)
    “Transnational K-pop fandom and fan culture in Cosmopolitan Europe”
  • Belyakov, Ilya (PhD student, U of S. Carolina)
    “Narrative of PSY by South Korean Media before and after ‘Gangnam Style’ release: why did it change?”

Panel 2. Chair: Mark Morris (S-1.06, Strand Building)
[Screening Korean History]

  • Gillespie, Graham (PhD student, KCL)
    “From Post-Trauma to Virtual History: Cinematic Representations of the Gwangju Uprising”
  • Jackson, Andrew David (Assoc Prof, U of Copenhagen)
    “Historical text and image in Spring in My Hometown”
  • Wall, Barbara (Research Assistant, U of Hamburg)
    “The (sym-)pathetic image of a murderer: Crown Prince Sado in Korean historical TV dramas and films”
12.30-13.30 Lunch (K-1.14, King’s Building)
13.30-15.00 Panel 3 Chair: Andrew Jackson (S-1.04, Strand Building)
[Culture, Memory, and Nostalgia: the Reply series]

  • Kang, Kyoung-Lae (Assist. Prof, Korea University)
    “The Era of Memory in Korean Screen Culture: Reading through Respond 1988 and Deep Rooted Tree”
  • Keblinska, Julia (PhD student, UC Berkeley)
    “Answer Me: Redeeming History through Technological Feeling in Contemporary Korean Drama”
  • Pișcărac, Diana (University of Bucharest)
    “Regional identities and the celebration of Korean unity in diversity in the ‘Reply’ drama series”
  • Ryu, JaeWook (PhD student, Lancaster University)
    “The Reply series Beyond Nostalgia: Internal Orientalism from Present to Past”

Panel 4. Chair: Kukhee Choo (S-1.06, Strand Building)
[Traveling, Shopping, Cooking and Eating in Korean Media]

  • Wang, Xing (MA student, Peking U)
    “Gazing at villages in Korean Reality Television”
  • Taylor-Jones, Kate (Senior Lecturer, U Sheffield)
    “Shopping, Sex and Lies: Sweet Dreams and the disruptive process of girlhood”
  • Wang Medina, Jenny (Adjunct, CUNY Guttman)
    “Consumption, Class, and Cultural Belonging in South Korean Culinary Dramas”
  • Bruno, Antonetta L. & Somin Chung (Prof, U of Rome La Sapienza and Research Assistant, Inha University)
    “Mokbang: Pay me and I’ll show you how much I can eat for your pleasure”
15.00-15.15 Coffee Break (K-1.14, King’s Building)
15.15-16.30 Panel 5. Chair: Chris Berry (S-1.04, Strand Building)
[Representing and Working in the Region]

  • De Wit, Jerome (Junior Prof, U of Tuebingen)
    “The Tear-Drenched Tumen: The Psychological Impact of Border Changes Depicted in Zhang Lu’s Tumen River (2011)”
  • Lee, Hyunseon (SOAS)
    “North Korean Cinema Hybrids. Shin Sang-ok in Pyongyang”
  • Sun, Jiashan (Assoc. Prof, Chinese Academy of Arts)
    “Reality Difficulties and Future Potentials of Film Co-Shooting by China and Korea”
  • Dunkel, William (Graduate student, Korea University)
    “Welcome to Transnational Animation City: Identifying the Korean Aesthetic in Legend of Korra”

Panel 6. Chair: Kate Taylor-Jones (S-1.06, Strand Building)
[Cinema of Desire, Love and Marriage]

  • Lee, Hee-seung Irene (U of Auckland)
    “The Ethics of Becoming a Subject: Hong Sang-soo’s Right Now, Wrong Then (2015)”
  • Shin, Chi-Yun (Principal Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University)
    “Spectres of Colonial Love & Postcolonial Exorcise in Epitaph (2007)”
  • Simpson, Allan (PhD student, SOAS)
    “The Queer Unwanted’ in Kim Jho Gwangsoo’s Two Weddings and a Funeral (2012)”
  • Kim, Molly H. (Lecturer, Korea University)
    “Tales of Prostitutes: Politics, Military Regime and South Korean Hostess Film”
Day 2: Saturday, 04 June 2016
10.30-12.00 Panel 7. Chair: Hyunseon Lee (K2.31 Nash Lecture Theatre, King’s Building)

  • Bae, Sangmi (PhD student, Korea University)
    “Overdeterminated Conditions of Women Workers: Documentary Films about South Korean Woman Workers”
  • Chung, Bora and Liora Sarfati (Lecturers, Yonsei U. and Tel Aviv)
    “Documenting Grief through Protest: Kwanghwamun TV Project of the Sewŏl Victims Birthday Video Clips”
  • Park, Jinhee (PhD student, USC)
    “Repatriation and Departure as Dissensus of the Cold War: Family Ethnography in Korean Documentaries”
  • Lu, Yao (PhD student, Shanghai Jiaotong; Fudan) & Dai Yuchen (Fudan University)
    “Chinese image in South Korea’s documentary and the documentary transmission in China: a case study of the documentary of super china

Panel 8 Chair: Jinhee Choi (K-1.56, King’s Building)
[Gender in Korean Media]

  • Balmain, Collete (Kingston U)
    “Little Lolitas in contemporary South Korean Cinema”
  • Choo, Kukhee (Asst Prof. Sophia University, Japan)
    “Girlhoods Apart: Popular Music and Nostalgia in Project Makeover (2007) and Sunny (2011)”
  • Tilland, Bonnie (Asst. Prof., Yonsei University)
    “Save Your K-Drama for Your Mama: Mother-Daughter Bonding in Between Nostalgia and Futurism”
  • Marion Schulze (Center for the Understanding of Social Processes (MAPS) University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
    “Everyday feminism and the construction of Otherness: The example of international fans of South Korean television series”
12.00-13.15 Lunch (River Room, King’s Building)
13.15-14.45 Panel 9. Chair: Hye-kyung Lee (K2.31 Nash Lecture Theatre, King’s Building)
[Korean Cultural Industry]

  • Messerlin, Patrick (Prof. Emeritus, Sciences Po, Paris)
    “A Sustainable Korean Film Industry: What Can Be Learnt from France?”
  • Parc, Jimmyn (Visiting Lecturer, Sciences Po, Paris)
    “Understanding the Conglomeration of the Korean Film Industry: From Import Quotas to Screen Quotas”
  • Khan, Afzal (PhD student, Kyungpook Nat University, Taegu)
    “A Study on Korean Cultural Contents Based on Webtoon”
  • Liu, Xiaoxia (Assoc. Prof., Southwestern U, Chongqing)
    “Cooperation between China and Korea as Korean Drama Production Trend”

Panel 10. Chair: Chi-Yun Shin (K-1.56, King’s Building)
[Real Men Don’t: the Paternal, the Manly and the Unruly]

  • Bae, Juyeon (Korea National University Of Arts)
    “The Emergence of Paternal Multiculturalism in Contemporary Korean Cinema”
  • Plaice, Mark (PhD student, KCL)
    “Domesticating the Gangster? Introducing the Korean family drama gangster film”
  • Hyland, Robert (Queen’s U)
    “Duty to the Nation: Masculinity and Obligation in Contemporary South Korean Cinema”
  • Liu, Yang (PhD student, U of Macau)
    “Trauma Nationalism and Pop Culture: A Fantasy Analysis on Post-Cold War Korea Films”
14.45-15.00 Coffee Break
15.00-16.30 Panel 11. Chair: Chris Berry (K2.31 Nash Lecture Theatre, King’s Building)
[Korean Cinema and Society: Modernity, Confucianism, and Religion]

  • Kim, Eunhye (PhD student, Yonsei University)
    “A study of the Korean Movie ‘The Housemaid(하녀)’ through the Linguistic Approach -focused on the Discourse Analysis”
  • Magnan-Park, Aaron (Asst. Prof., HKU)
    “Obaltan: Choson Neorealism and the Conundrum of Aimless Confucianism”
  • Morris, Mark (Cambridge University)
    “Situating Buddhism in Korean Film”
  • Sung, Kyoung-Suk (Lecturer, Bonn University)
    “Reflecting society through film: An analysis about the interrelationship between film and society in Korean historical films focused on Attorney (2013) and Ode to my father (2014)”

Panel 12. Chair: Hee-seung Irene Lee (K-1.56, King’s Building)
[Hallyu & Beyond]

  • Kang, Wooseok (PhD student,USC)
    “An Aesthetic of the Cool: the Unexpected Emergence of Zainichi Cinema through Hallyu”
  • Kim, Grace MyHyun (UC Berkeley)
    “Virtual Korea: Learning about Korea through K-dramas”
  • Kim, Suweon (Webster University, Ghana)
    “Hallyu in Sub-Saharan Africa: preliminary investigations in Ghana”
  • Nielsen, Jacob Ki (Researcher, U of Copenhagen)
    “Transracial Moves, Migration and the American Dream in Never Forever (2007) and Fetish (2008): Towards a Transnational East Coast Cinema”
16.30-16.45 Concluding Remarks
17.00-18.30 Reception (Great Hall, King’s Building)

Image credit: Free-Photos on Pixabay.

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